Giuliana Rancic: I Would Love To Carry My Own Child

Although she’s struggled with fertility, suffered a miscarriage, and has a baby on-the-way via surrogate, Giluana Rancic isn’t ruling out a future pregnancy of her own.

“Would I love to carry my own child? Absolutely,” she told PEOPLE. “But it’s not in the plan for the next several years.”

The doctors are saying it looks like five years I’m going to be on medication and not be able to get pregnant,” Giuliana continued, referring to her recent breast cancer battle. “But five years puts me at 42, and a lot of people have kids at 42. So I’m definitely going to try again.”

But her husband, reality TV star Bill Rancic, has a few questions first.

“Bill’s like, ‘How many kids are we talking about?’ ” she laughed. “I’m like, ‘As many as we can get!’ When you fight so hard for something, and want something so badly, you forget the planning for college costs, the struggle. You realize what a gift it is, so you want to do as much as you can to make it happen.”

Their public struggle to have a baby made seeing their surrogate’s first ultrasound all the more special.

It was incredible,” she said. “Even though we knew it was a positive pregnancy, we were still so nervous leading up to the ultrasound, wondering if the heartbeat’s not there, because that’s happened to us before. So hearing it was a huge milestone, and it just means everything. It was beyond what I thought it would be.”

And for now, they’re deciding to keep the baby’s gender a secret.

“Everyone’s trying to guess,” Rancic said. “My parents are convinced it’s a boy, because we’re Italian and it’s our first. Then my best friend is convinced it’s a girl. So it’s interesting to hear what everyone thinks and why. I’m not in that situation most women are where they can tell how I’m carrying, or if I’m nauseous. It’s like Vegas, black or red.”

Admitting that it’s “been hard” keeping the secret, “Bill is having a tougher time than me,” she laughed.

But nothing will steal their excitement at this special time.

I picture in my mind how it’s going to happen when the baby’s born,” she shared. “It’s been in the works for so long, we’ve waited for this moment for so long. It gives me this overwhelming feeling of obvious happiness and joy.”

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  1. Anonymous

    So happy for Giulia, but why on earth does she (or her folks) think Italians have boys first?!? Funny….

  2. Anonymous

    Yeah right. She didn’t even try to gain a little weight on doctors advise to get pregnant. I bet she loves the fact she will stay thin now.

  3. Anonymous

    Giuliana Rancic is so lucky and blessed with so many good things. Dream job, big pay check, beautiful wedding, amazing husband, good family, survived cancer, having a baby soon…..and yet….all she can talk about is being pregnant herself. She sounds like a broken record. I want to be pregnant. I want to carry my own baby. I want I want I want I want. You know what….you are pregnant, you are having a baby…stop…enjoy…be thankful. Not everyone has as much as you have. Your first child hasn’t been born yet and you are still whining about how YOU want to be pregnant someday. Really! Enough of that already! Pay it forward and adopt.

  4. Marie

    Am Marie from UK, married for 5yrs without issue but Ever since i met,my marriage has being comfortable for me and my husband has really being showing more concern and care in our marriage.Am glad sharing this testimony despite all the past pain and negletion but now my heart is full of joy because i am now a mother like other women.I still want to thank Dr Mike for his good work to me, you are actually a light to the women.And you have proved to me that barrenness is no longer a problem.thank you so much.

  5. When I watched your E special I saw how you life is not that don’t just were fancy clothes you went through IVF it was a brave thing to do.My husband and i tried to have a baby but it didn’t work then we adopted it is the most cutest baby I have ever saw!

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