Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon’s Cuties

Dem babies sure are growing up!

Drumline actor Nick Cannon recently shared the above instagram photo of his adorable 1-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe enjoying a wagon ride, writing: “Ridin around and they gettin it!”

Nick and his wife Mariah Carey celebrated their wedding anniversary and the twins’ first birthday in Paris on April 30th.

The birthday bash held was reportedly adorned with pink and blue balloons, custom-made French pastries, confetti and presents.

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Photo credit: Instagram

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Can he not spell?

    • LaKesha

      The line is from a song. Get away from your computer and experience the world. I’m guessing most of the negative comments are due to not wanting to admit how gorgeous dem babies are!

      • Anonymous

        I’m guessing most of us are educated, rspectable people and we don’t listen to ghetto, ignorant music. Our ‘experience’ of the world is much different from yours. And of course theyre beautiful, that has nothing to do with most of these comments.

        • LaKesha

          I’m guessing that most of us are educated, respectable people. We don’t listen to ghetto, ignorant music. Our “experience” of the world is much different than your “experience” is. And, of course, they’re beautiful; that has nothing to do with most of these comments. — I agree.

  • Arabella


  • Anonymous

    Does he have to sounds so uneducated ALL the time?

  • jrt

    Is that English?

  • SMH

    Will it be Dem Children when they’re not babies anymore?

    Cute babies nonetheless.

    • Anonymous

      DEM Kids!!

  • Anonymous

    these babies do not look a thing like Nick!!!They can’t be his kids…..

    • LaKesha

      Yeah because your version of the visual paternity test would totally hold up in court.

    • No Name Jane

      Here’s a strange concept, but maybe they look like THEIR MOTHER’S SIDE OF THE FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good lord, don’t breed, fool.

  • Anonymous

    Wow he is a ghetto moron. What does ‘they gettin it’ mean???

  • Anonymous

    Moroccan’s (dumbest name EVER) eyes are on opposite sides of his head almost.

    • Anonymous

      Mine too! One on the left and one on the right. Are yours both on the right?

      Ridiculously cruel and inappropriate to criticize a child’s physical features (or any person of age for that matter). You would think we could evolve past such behavior…

    • Anon

      Apple is the DUMBEST NAME EVER!!

  • Anonymous

    That’s the way a lot of black people speak – in Ebonics. It’s they’re not they getting it. Have you ever listened to one of Diddy’s songs? Same thing, horrific grammar.

    • Anonymous

      And they wonder why they’re treated differently.

  • Anonymous

    Super cute kids but this whole “dem babies” thing is already getting really old, really fast.

  • Lioness

    Ummmm, so I guess I’ll be one of the very few on this post to say the most obvious thing- and that is that “dem babies” are gorgeous. Simply beautiful. All you people disgusted with Nick Cannon’s grammar- who the hell cares? People write judgment-filled comments with typos galore in them (mixing they’re, there, and their, uuuugggghhh… it’s just gross), and no one says a thing. Personally, I think that’s worse.

    The kids are sweet and ridiculously adorable.

  • So cute

    Dem babies are too cute!

  • denise

    They are so adorable. Enjoy them Nick and Mariah.

  • No Name Jane

    Funny, all the people criticizing Nick’s grammar can barely type a sentence.

  • Money

    Lioness – you don’t care how people use the words there, their and they’re? It’s called sounding like an illiterate and I guess to the people who are educated, it bothers them. So, to call people “gross” for pointing out improper grammar, makes you sound stupid.

  • carla bigfan!!!1

    i think dem babies are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! they will grow up to be even more adorable if thats even possible and they have the cutest nicknames EVER!!!!! Rock ‘n’ Roe!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Babies are adorable! Names are great! But Nick’s grammar is deplorable. But he seems a nice guy, so I will overlook it. (:

  • Jasmine

    I hope these overt racist people are not people ANY Black person MUST encounter in everyday life, but especially in situations where healthcare, legal problems, police, firefighters, or food preparation may be involved. This kind of racial hatred is serious, and a huge problem! The babies are sweet and adorable. The parents should may be limit the exposure of these babies, too much hatred in America!

  • Anon

    Not only are most of the commentors on this site bitter trailor park trash hags, they are also racists! SMH

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