Jessica Simpson & Maxwell Share Second Magazine Cover

Jessica’s cover girl!

New mom Jessica Simpson shared the first official picture of her newborn daughter, Maxwell Drew, on the cover of People this morning. And within hours, baby Maxi was seen cuddling with mom and dad, former NFL star Eric Johnson, on the cover of WHO.

The proud new parents open up about the “emotional birth” of their first child, which has only strengthened their relationship.

Seeing everything happen through Eric’s face was a moment I’ll never forget,” says Jessica, who gave birth to 4.45kg Maxwell via C-section. “He was holding her hand and mine, so immediately we wanted that family bond.”

“We stare at her all the time,” gushes the new mom, who she says inherited her mom’s eyes and dad’s calm demeanor. “We can’t get enough!”

But becoming new parents isn’t a walk in the park! Recovering from surgery isn’t easy, she says, and nursing takes work.

And while the singer/entrepreneur says she’s doesn’t care about her appearance at the moment, she wants to eventually get back to her pre-baby weight.

After you have a baby it’s like, ‘Oh my God, what happened to my body?'” she admits. “This is not me! It would be nice to feel comfortable in a bikini but that’s not my goal,” she says. “I just want to fit into jeans.”

Still, the new mom says she’s happier than ever.

Eric said it best: when Maxwell was born, it felt like we were born again,” she gushes. “Seeing Eric with Maxwell is everything I’ve ever dreamed of: a daughter and the man of my dreams. It’s the most beautiful picture, and I’m in the best place.”

For more exclusive details about the Simpson-Johnson family, pick up this week’s issue of WHO, on newsstands Friday.

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Photo credit: WHO

  • Anonymous

    Um…who is that? She looks nothing like Jessica Simpson!!

  • Anonymous

    The photoshopping is horrible! Whats wrong with showing her real face? It’s so much better than that. Why can’t they just leave well alone!
    I don’t understand how they are always trying to make people look perfect.
    Obviously, it’s not working.

  • Anonymous

    Can someone please tell me what happened to her face? She looks so… strange? It’s odd that she looks really bloated, but never looked like this when she was pregnant and actually was bloated. She just looks so odd here.

  • Lesley

    What’s going on here…that’s not her nose, left eye is squinty, chin is off. Hope she didn’t stoop to plastic surgery and that it’s just poor photoshop editing! =(

  • Anonymous

    She does not have a face or body that does well with gaining any amount of weight. But I have to agree, she just looks strange in these pics. So fake.

  • Anonymous

    She does not have a face or body that does well with gaining any amount of weight. But I have to agree, she just looks strange in these pics. So fake.

  • Louise

    I’m guessing that celebrity mothers use the birth of their child for plastic surgery. They suppose they’re already changing so that nobody will notice. It’s a pity, she used to have such a pretty face!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    And lip injections.

  • Barb one will ever accuse her of getting a boob Her face is odd on here from photoshop.

  • jacquie109

    That’s a bit of photoshop distortion…. Wow cat face and duck lips on Jess? I don’t think so.

  • Kim

    She probably is still a little bloated in the face from her pregnancy… and they did a miserable job of photoshopping it away. She is a naturally lovely girl with a lovely baby.

  • Ondine

    Why didn’t they just go ahead a photoshop the baby’s face also? Apparently all females need to be photoshopped now to be considered worthy of a magazine cover or article.

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