Tim Burton & Billy Raymond Take A Walk In London

Eccentric film director and producer Tim Burton was seen strolling with his 8-year-old son Billy Raymond around London, England on Tuesday (May 29)

The 53-year-old Alice in Wonderland director recently talked about the personal parallels between his younger years and his animated film titled Frankenweenie – a tale about pre-teen boy named Victor Frankenstein who reanimates his beloved dog Sparky after the animal is run over by a car.

“I recall that sort of first relationship with a pet, usually, where it’s sort of that unconditional…you know, walk out the door and you walk back in and it’s like you’ve been away for three years,” Tim recalls. “There’s the first kind of pure relationship, and then the first death that you…that I experienced. …So I think that’s where the story came from, was the idea of never forgetting that emotion and the trauma of losing that kind of relationship, but easily relating it to the ‘Frankenstein’ story, which is another love.”

“So it was easy to kind of marry the two things without it seeming like a stretch,” he adds.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

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