Felicity Huffman’s Mommy Confessions

To open her latest blog on WhatTheFlicka.com, Desperate Housewives star Felicity Huffman refers to Betsy Shaw, a writer and mother-of-two, who said that motherhood is the only job where she has a 24-hour workday and feels like she is failing all the time.

“I started thinking about how many times a day I feel like I failed, or handled something badly, or lost my temper,” Felicity shares. “For example yesterday, Sunday, Bill was out of town and the girls and I were making Belgium waffles.”

She adds: “We were going to make them from scratch with fresh fruit and sprinkled confectionary sugar on top. But the recipe was somewhat involved and well, things got messed up. The sugar got added to the flour and not the egg yolks, the fluffy egg whites went all over the kitchen.”

According to Felicity, her daughters – Sophie, 11, and Georgia, 10, with hubby William H. Macy – weren’t pleased.

One daughter’s morning greeting to the other was basically: ‘No good morning for you, you treat me like a dog!” This is also the daughter who chased her sister around the house with a knife shouting, “I hate you, you dumb f*cker!” She was four. It was a butter knife.”

The candid – and hilariously honest – actress continues with the relatable story.

“Anyway, by 8:30 I had screamed several times and had to give myself a time out, while my “dumb f*cker” daughter ran out to the tree house in tears,” she writes. “It was now 8:30 and I had failed at mothering… three or four times, pretty badly. Now, the other twelve hours of the day were full and actually okay, but what do I remember of yesterday? What am I carrying around: The sense of shame and failure.”

Continue reading how Felicity learned to focus on the positives on her blog, WhatTheFlicka.com

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To be honest, kids swearing and running around with knives while daddy is out of town? Yeah, I’d call that a failure at parenting.


She is correct…she failed.


The only people who never fail are those who never try.


Here comes the anti-Garner. Love it!


It’s “Belgian” waffles not Belgium waffles… it’s like calling French toast “France” toast.


Wow people,such judgement!Maybe give the woman break for her honesty!



An actual mom

Obviously a bunch of non-parents are commenting.
Yuck it up when it is your turn!

Fun Fan

She has problems and has always not been sure that she wanted kids. She is proving that she knew that becoming a Mother was going to be risky for the kids!