Get the Look: Venettini

Mason wears Venettini Savor Loafers in Beige Reptile – $69.99

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  • Anonymous

    i absolutely CAN’T STAND the way they dress mason!!! UGH!!!!! the loafers and dress pants – it’s just too metrosexual for a little guy!!

  • NYC Mommy

    Sorry but I dont care how much $$$ you have what 2 year old needs to wear reptile shoes. he needs good shoes for walking not fashion statements on his feet (between the loafers and the moccasins I dont know which is worse)… my opinion only of course…

  • Anonymous

    I am REALLY not a fan of the kardashians but i love mason style. I love the loafers, the dressy shirts and polos. So cute.

    • anonymous2

      I am not a fan of those type of clothes even on adults. His parents are making him look like a mini friend of Dorothy or Kurt Hummel from Glee. Not what I would call a good look for a preschooler.

    • Anonymous

      I love the mocasSins but i can’t stand this loafers,they look awful and are ridicolous on a 3 year old

  • venni

    The clothes (and especially the shoes) they put on this kid makes him look weird. The moccasins and loafers are just slime-ball attire.

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