Marcia Cross & Her Girls: Strollin’ In Santa Monica

Desperate Housewives alum Marcia Cross was spotted enjoying some quality time with her beautiful 5-year-old twin girls Eden and Savannah (red pants) in Santa Monica, Calif. on Tuesday (May 29).

We also spotted the trio strolling around Santa Monica, Calif. on Wednesday (May 30).
The red-headed mama held Eden’s hand while sweet Savannah trailed behind as the trio made their way down the street.

Marcia recently spoke about the emotional end to her hit television series Desperate Housewives.

“We started the day sad and then forgot [it was the end] in the middle of it, but remembered by the very end,” she recalls. “It was midnight and people who weren’t even working that day showed up. [Creator] Marc Cherry – who doesn’t drink – opened a bottle of champagne and we all just sat around in Lynette’s kitchen and talked and talked and talked. None of us wanted to get up because we knew it would be over. It was surreal and sad.”

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  • Emily

    You’ve got “Marica” Cross in the headline 🙂
    Thanks for the photos though, the girls are getting so big!

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure her name’s Marcia, not Marica.

  • Jenny Schafer

    Thanks, just updated.

  • Anonymous

    do you think she has ever bought her girls any clothes ? looks like they only wear handmedowns………and not cute ones at that !

    • Anonymous

      tz-tz, some pople never learn: clothes is a word, which express a taste and a word taste is something personal

      If i must be honest, i think a lots of so called clothes today have too many colours, which is good, but tasteless for me. I like less colours. What i like is not what my children like. But when they like something, they want it and if what they want makes them happy, i dont want to use terror on their taste, cause, u see, the life will do it later with many things in life. I dont want to control them but to make them happy. If the asked me, they would be dressed very different. But we ll never come to this. Cause they are not me, unfortunately. Or maybe its better like it is- they are what they are. Who am i to control this. If you stop somebody to like something you stop him of being what he is. Let him find the way to himself. And he will never blame you that you controlled his life. I dont want to be the reason they feal helpless one day and blame me for controlling their taste, their games, their hair, their life. I dont want to be the reason of their mistakes. They are free to make their own mistakes and they know that they cant blame nobody for them. This doesnt mean i dont explain your child the world: no agression, no hate, no anger belong to this world. No agressive fotos on t-shirts, no agressive videos for them, i explain somehow that thats not for children. But if somebody wants something very much, i cant stop him being himself if this is what his heart desires. So, maybe shes not buing them the clothes, maybe itstheir own taste, dont u think? Itswhat they like to war like Shiloh has her own taste and everybody knows that its special one and Grier henchy has her own taste and Bronx Wentz has his hair taste and Zuma and Kingston Rossdale are different in their taste and both have their own taste. I like the taste if Savannah-very stylish,not many colours, very classy and its sportstyle who is very fresh not only for a child. They are not in the opera, so come on. If her children want these clothes i realy admire them. I adore their simple but fresh taste. So i think what we learn is that every child has a taste no matter whi is his parent. I saw a picture of a father with many tattoos and the son, probably 6 yearsold had something very elegant on like hes going to opera. This is the child reaction to the taste of the father-he criticize him in that way. You can learn all about a relationship from the childs taste. He was looking angry to his dad. I dont know why, maybe the father wanted him to dress in a sportway like he was dressed and the child didnt wanted to. I think she does not buy them clothes, she maybe wants to buy them clothes, dont u think? But they want handmedowns and she agreed.

  • Anonymous

    PS: And i even think that Savanah in her sport style reminds the screen legend Shirley Temple. And if Shirley Temple in her sport way isnt cute, i realy dont know what is.

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