Pink: Who Knew Willow Would “Make Me So Happy”

The Stupid Girls singer Pink has never been shy about how much she loves her little girl, Willow, who is celebrating her first birthday Saturday (June 2).

Recently the 32-year old mama opened up to Cosmopolitan about her love affair with her tot. During the interview, her motherly intuition came calling. “I’m sorry. I just have to check on my baby. She is so yummy, I can’t stand it,” she proudly spewed. “I want her with me at all times. Even when Carey tries to take her, I’m like ‘No, no, give her back to me.’ ”

“Ugh, I promised Carey that I wasn’t going to come here and be that mom who just gushes for hours,” she shared smiling. “But she just makes me so happy.”

To read more of Pink’s interview, pick up the June edition of Cosmopolitan.

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  • Anonymous

    Love Pink! She is truly a great mother 🙂

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