Suri Cruise & Katie Holmes: Helicopter Hugs

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise left New York City on a helicopter on Friday (June 1). As the pair boarded – Katie stopped to hug their bodyguard. The 6-year-old – holding onto her blanket and toys – waved at him too.

The actress wore a short dress, ankle boots and carried an orange handbag. Suri wore her favorite flats with a red and white striped dress.

The two flew into town earlier in the week from Kent, Connecticut – where Katie was shooting her movie and where she gave her daughter a dip in the lake. They were also recently down in Louisiana visiting Tom Cruise on the set of his flick Oblivion.

The family might be back in New York City together on June 12 when Tom receives the Entertainment Icon Award from the Friars Club.

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Photo credit: Splash News


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  1. Anonymous

    Katie has the worst legs ever!! ewwww pls stop showing them off!

  2. Anonymous

    His shirt’s not doing a great job of concealing his weapon.

  3. Anonymous

    I assume they’re flying to Connecticut. How long does it take in a helicopter? Jw.

  4. A.

    does she goes to preschool or something? she’s 6 years old.

  5. Anonymous

    Again with the horrid booties!

  6. Anonymous

    i agree her legs are fug!

  7. Anonymous9

    Maybe she actually just has one pair of shoes. I can’t think of another explanation for attempting to wear those same ones with every single outfit. They really do not flatter her.

  8. Anonymous

    Those ankle booties always have and always will be horrible!! Why do women think they look good??

  9. Sallo

    I agree–horrid booties and she is the worst dressed celebrity on the planet (cannot bring myself to call her an actress when she bases her career now on paprazzi coverage rather than film sets).
    And of course the biggest irony being she calls herself a fashion designer and spends all her life and all Tom Cruise’s money shopping. What a joke, although it’s obvious she spent Tom’s money on that career title as well.

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