Gisele Bündchen: Keeps Mum On Bump At Green Nation Fest

Is she or isn’t she? Gisele Bündchen showed her support at the Green Nation Fest in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Monday (June 4). The supermodel wore a loose white t-shirt and black pants for the event. With buzz of a second baby on the way – the UNEP Goodwill Ambassador smiled away while helping to plant a tree.

According to Brazil’s Agora newspaper – Gisele has been disguising her bump.

Writer Vivian Masutti said, “Those responsible for dressing the model at recent events noticed changes in Gisele’s body.”

The tall beauty and her husband Tom Brady – who have 2-year-old Benjamin – aren’t confirming any news.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Bagsforlife

    She is pregnant for sure. There is a bumb there and her legs look thicker.

    Somone set up an account on Twitter with the intent to follow Gisele steps everywhere. It’s name is @giseledaily

    • Anonymous

      lol that is how I find all my Gisele info too. but I hope only fans follow her fansites….
      I know Gisele’s haters stalk her every move from site to site so Im quite leery of their sanity sometimes.

  • Anonymous

    sorry, but that is one manly looking unattractive woman. thank god for makeup artists and photoshop!!!

    • Anonymous

      Your jealousy is very unbecoming. Your comments say much more about you than they do about her.

    • Anonymous

      Unattractive?? Really? What? you are expecting everyone to look perfect? She is beautiful, I can’t believe you can’t see that. Why don’t you look at yourself in the mirror? Beautiful? I don’t think so.
      Why don’t you try improving on yourself before criticizing anyone else.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly she is very unattractive. She is as unattractive personality wise and physically as the jersey shore cast, yet both are very famous and paid millions upon millions. Beauty in the media is slowly dying.

    • Anonymous

      i do not find her attractive..yeah shes tall and slim but she has a very manly face and her personality isnt that great either…but money,make up and photoshop can do wonders for a women! lol

    • Anonymous

      I wish I was half as “manly looking” as this woman.

  • Anonymous

    it was confirmed already on 😉 and its very obvious to me. She is tall and slim, she wont start very obviously showing until after 6 months. At least thats what I recall during her first.

    • Anonymous

      shes tall and slim..and it would be her 2nd..she will be showing ALOT sooner then her 1st… most women show starting at 3months(depend on the womens frame and whatnot) when they have already had a baby…your uterus has already stretch from the 1st so it starts to pop out sooner!

  • Anonymous

    Keeps mum? She never confirmed her first pregnancy, so I dont see why she would this time around. Remember she also didnt do the cliche OK magazine cover shoot either. I have a feeling youre gonna wait for a long time for a confirmation. I believe she has every right to keep it to herself,family and close friends only. I hate when celebs share their whole personal lives.

  • venni

    I said she looks like a dude.

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