Mariah Carey & Twins: Swimming Sweethearts

We can’t get enough of dem babies.

Singing sensation Mariah Carey and her hubby Nick Cannon recently posted some intimate family photos to One of the sweet snaps shows Mariah swimming with her 1-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe in a pool.

According to The Sun, it seems Mariah’s estranged sister Alison Carey has pleaded with the super star to allow her to meet her niece and nephew.

The sisters used to be close but reportedly had a huge falling out in 1994. Mariah and their mother Patricia fought Alison for custody of her 7-year-old son Michael, claiming he was at risk in the care of his drug-addict mother.

“I want to reach out to my sister and tell her how much I miss her and how proud I am that we are family,” Alison says. “We may be apart now, and it has been many years since we last spoke. But to me, despite all the bad times and the arguments, she will always be my baby sister.”

“I cannot put into words how moved I was to see pictures of my niece and nephew for the first time,” she adds. “I saw photographs of them on the television just after they were born and I saw more when they turned one recently.”

“They are absolutely adorable. And when I look into their eyes I see my sister’s eyes shining right back at me — the eyes I used to stare into when I would hold her as a baby.”

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  1. nicoleC

    sorry i really have to say is……Moroccan’s front head is a little bit weird?
    But both of them is cute

  2. Anonymous

    It’s funny how she came out with Caucasian hair and he African American hair.

    • Anonymous

      Same thing happened with my kids. I’m mixed race & my children’s dad is black. My son has his dad’s texture of hair and my daughter has my hair texture. Genetics are just like that. My kids also have my dad’s dimples but they skipped me, lol!

    • LaKesha

      I didn’t know that hair had a race.

      • Anonymous9

        You know exactly what she means, so why make a big deal out of it? Different races have hair with different features; it’s not an insult, it’s simply genetics. Get over yourself.

      • CookiesMilk&Makeup

        Agreed. I have seen people who are white with nappy hair, blacks with natural bone straight silky hair, Asians with natural wavy, Indians with blonde, and none had parents of mixed race. It is genetics and our ancestors’ genes can pop up in any individual in any family, so it is no surprise. It’s an individual persons hair not a ethnicity’s type because within an ethnicity are an array of hair textures, skin complexions, eye color and etc..

        • Anonymous

          That’s ridiculous and you know it. The VAST majority of the time, blacks will have tight curly, coarse hair and brown/black eyes. There are ABSOLUTELY ethnicity types of hair and eyes and pretending there aren’t is just plain ignorant.

          Does that mean that NO black people have straight hair and green eyes? Of course not, but we’re talking about the majority here.

        • Anonymous

          Just because you’ve seen something doesn’t prove anything. No one is saying it’s impossible for black people to have white people hair, Monroe has it.
          The fact is the majority of black people have different textured hair, different thickness, different color. Why are you so afraid to admit this? No one is saying it’s a bad thing. People from different races are different, get over it.

        • seven

          Does that mean that you don’t think blacks have different hair? Because you’ve seen a couple black people with ‘straight silky hair’?
          It’s ok to say black people have different hair, it’s not a racist comment, THEY DO. Guess what? They usually have darker skin too!!!!

          • anon

            how is saying black people have a certain hair texture rascist when it’s part of their genetic makeup and it’s their most COMMON PROMINENT feature like how most asians are monolids. nobody is saying that it is a negative thing. and yes they’re obviously more pigmented compare to your average caucasian w/c is a GIFT because they’re LESS prone to cancer.

    • Anonymous

      lol..when my friend had her 2nd child..a little girl..they where surprised that she came out WHITE! my friend(the mom) is black as night and the her husband(the dad) is white…the little girl came out a white version of her mother..she looks just like her but white..she has alittle curly hair….its real funny to cause their son is a perfect mix of both of them

    • Anonymous

      my daughter was born with straight hair, but about the time she turned 6months it started to get she has tons of little curls….shes black/ husband is mexican/cuban…when my husband was a baby/toddler he had light brown/blond straight hair..then when he got older his hair turned black and wavy…my friends son was born with white-ish blonde hair..but when he turned 5 his hair went jet black! so just cause they where born with that hair dont mean its gonna stay that way all their life!

      • seven

        It is a fact most babies hair changes around 6 months a most people have lighter hair as children and it gets darker as adults. Your story isn’t going to be on the 5 o’clock news…it’s nothing special.
        Except for black people, who have totally different hair from the rest of us, most babies will not keep the same color/texture hair they are born with.

  3. denise

    They are so adorable. Best Wishes Nick and Mariah!!!

  4. Anonymous

    beautiful, but they don’t look anything like Nick, or her. Weird!

  5. Anonymous

    Hopefully, the sisters can mend bridges and reunite soo.

  6. venni

    In some of the pics, Monroe looks a like Salma Hayek’s little Valentina.

  7. Courtney

    @Nicole Moroccan can help the size of his forehead Mariah had gestational diabetes. they are deffinately adorable

  8. Anonymous

    adorable babies…leave the baby’s forehead alone

  9. dany

    the are cute, but they don’t look a thing like the Nick or her. Did she have invitro?

  10. SMH

    They’re so cute and yes Morrocan has a big forehead. When I was a baby I had a big forehead too but eventually grew into it as I got older. Remember babies get new hair growth for a while so it doesn’t mean he’ll always appear to have a big head.
    I remember thinking Hank Baskett Jr looked like he had a big forehead when he was a baby and now as you can see he’s clealry got a beautiful face and head of hair!

  11. Anonymous

    They look nothing like their parents, and much lighter than, let’s say, Heidi Klum’s kids. If they claim these are their biological kids, then it doesn’t make any sense.
    P.S. And LaKesha, FYI, in IVF donors both for eggs and sperm are used more often than usual.I think that’s what dany was referring to when she mentioned it.

    • Anonymous

      “Donors both for eggs and sperm are used more often than usual”

      If there were a contest for how much bullsh*t can someone put on the internet that they claimed was fact, that was actually made up nonsense, you would freaking win.

      Do you even know ANYTHING about IVF? Why am I even asking, it’s clear that you DON’T. In the OVERWHELMING majority of cases (95%), the parents egg and sperm are used, you fool. Stop talking about things you don’t know anything about.


    • seven

      Why would their color be the same as Heidi Klum’s kids??? Have you seen Seal before? He’s as dark as the night. Do the world a favor and please don’t have kids and pass on your stupid genes.

  12. dany

    Facts- Nick is a black man, she is half Irish, half african. So yes I think maybe they could not be their children LaKesha. That’s all, didn’t say they are ugly, they are beautiful. And this is a comment page isn’t it, so I can say they don’t look a think like their parents!

    • Anonymous

      It’s incredibly rude to publicly question the parentage of a child. Just because you CAN say something doesn’t mean you SHOULD. But hey, if you’re comfortable being a terrible person, nothing anyone can do about it.

      And for the record, black people in America and South America usually have a significant amount of white ancestry even if you can’t tell by looking at them. Since a child only inherits half of each parent’s genes, Mariah’s kids could have inherited only her white “half”, plus also some white ancestry that Nick likely also has. That is how genetics works. You really should educate yourself before making such rude, ignorant statements.

  13. Anonymous

    to anonimous 9:52 and so called seven, whoever you are, I don’t even care.
    So much unkindness in your words, so much venom, for what – for nothing. Everybody can have their opinion, can express it, can make observations, can comment. If you don’t agree – then don’t. But insulting the other person, saying evil disgusting things, especially mixing their kids into this – that just shows how ugly your souls are.
    It scares me that you can actually be mothers, what would you teach your kids – so much hatred. Get over yourselves, clean up your souls and become a tad bit kinder to the world, to the people.
    Because G-d sees everything and everybody, right though your heart.

    • Anonymous

      Yes everyone can have an opinion and everyone can comment, but when you say something stupid, you are going to be called stupid. If you have the right to make stupid comments, other people have the right to respond to you.

      And not everyone believes in your imaginary god. If you want to live your life according some book of fiction, go right ahead, but it’s deeply arrogant and offensive to assume other people believe the same thing you do.

  14. EMME


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  17. Observer

    It’s the same song and dance on this site whenever a child of one, or both black parents does not “meet” the ignorant believes of some commentors on this site of how the child should look like. E.g Blue ivy, Stella Ivery, Nahla, Jackson kids and to some extent Julian Thicke, Hank Baskett. You only have to read the comments from the first photos posted of these kids.

  18. EMME

    I think you really need to grow up anonymous and you are very rude and ignorant. You must be about fourteen, right? The problem with you is that you won’t say what you really are thinking. Admit it, they don’t look like their father.

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