Melissa Etheridge & Family: Sunday Smiles

Come To My Window singer Melissa Etheridge was seen walking with her 5-year-old twins Johnnie and Miller after a nice Sunday (June 3) afternoon at the Round Meadow Elementary Carnival in Calabasas, Calif.

Melissa is still caught in a heated custody battle with her ex Tammy Lynn Michaels.
The Grammy Award-winning singer fired back at her ex-wife’s request for more than the $23,000 she receives every month in spousal and child support payments, accusing her of being”angry and vindictive” while Tammy has accused Melissa of not having the “maternal instinct” since she is the one who gave birth to the twins.

Referencing Melissa’s extensive traveling schedule, Tammy wrote in an email:

Children should really be placed first, Melissa, I encourage you to try it this time around with these two of your children…You know, Melissa, that I did not give birth to these two children to give them away to your various staff members and girlfriends to raise.”

Melissa is also mother to 15-year old daughter Bailey and 13-year-old son Beckett with ex-partner Julie Cypher.

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  1. Adrienne

    I’ve always liked Tammy and i very much enjoy reading her blog.

  2. Wow

    I understand that Tammy may not want to give Melissa full custody due to her schedule and career (particularly if Melissa DOES put most of the childcare responsibility on her staff or others – no one but they know if it’s true, however), but to say that a woman lacks maternal instinct because she did not carry her own child(ren) is absolutely abhorrent. What does Tammy have to say to all the women who opted for adoption and surrogacy? All the women who want(ed) to have children but can’t because they have one malformed gene, or misshapen uterus or just a heart that is open to loving a child born by someone else that needs a parent?
    What a terrible thing to say.
    Perhaps Melissa really does push the responsibility of raising her children onto others, that is an immature, irresponsible thing that someone unfit to be a parent would do. Then again, perhaps she does her best in accordance with her career and schedule and feels that because her career is her family’s livelihood she should put more energy into maintaining it. ($23,000 per month in spousal support AND child support – seriously? And that’s somehow not enough for Tammy, a grown woman with a working brain who is fully capable of making her own money). Frankly, Tammy does give the impression of being an angry and vindictive person.

    • Me & Me

      I think CBS was editorializing the ‘gave birth to them’ part. I haven’t seen any articles that had Tammy saying that. There is a claim by Melissa that Tammy said she “lacked maternal instincts”, but she didn’t say that Tammy said it was because she didn’t give birth. CBS really shouldn’t be adding their thoughtless spin to such a delicate issue.

  3. Anonymous

    … 23,000 a MONTH in child support? hey tammy, why don’t you try being a single mom who gets NO support. i make slightly over that figure PER YEAR. and i have to pay for daycare, pay all of my own bills, etc.

    pathetic. just pathetic.

    • Anonymous

      I love it when somone turns a celebrity child support battle into a comparison with their own lives. Guess what? The fact that you make $23k per year is IRRELEVANT to this situation.

      Those children, let me repeat: THOSE CHILDREN, are entitled to a certain percentage of their parents’ income, which has nothing to do with YOUR income. You may think it’s too much, you may think they’re not entitled, you may think their other mother is greedy. None of that is true, but go ahead and think it and leave your own situation out of the discussion because it has no place here.

    • Anonymous

      Child support is based on how much the non custodial parent makes. The twins are entitled to the same lifestyle that they would have if Melissa hadn’t had a midlife crisis and bailed. They are also entitled to have a lifestyle on par with the other family Melissa bailed on.

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