Pamela Anderson: “My Family Is In Mensa”

It looks as though buxom bombshell Pamela Anderson, 44, is pining for her native country of Canada.

According to The Sun, the former Baywatch babe – who relocated to sunny California from British Columbia in the 80s when she first started modelling and divides her time between Los Angeles and Vancouver Island – wants to move back permanently, claiming she feels like she is “playing a character” when she is in Los Angeles.

”In Los Angeles I feel like I’m playing a character,” she reveals. “I’m going here and there and dealing with things that aren’t typical anywhere else.”

”At home I feel completely relaxed,” she adds. “My hair’s in a ponytail. I have my dad’s flannel shirt on and I’m running around. It’s great. I am so happy that I’m from there.

“I think people who are from Los Angeles don’t always know what else is going on. That’s why I get involved in all these other things, because I know Los Angeles is not real.”

Pamela – who is mother to sons Brandon, 15, and 14-year-old Dylan with ex-husband Tommy Lee – claims that because of her career as a Playboy model, people expect her to be unintelligent, which is not the case.

“All my family is in [high IQ society] Mensa – you wouldn’t believe that one, would you?” she says. ”But they are on both sides. It just skipped me but my kids are really smart.”

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  • Anonymous

    Wow this island would be pretty exciting if Pamela Anderson came back to it!!

  • Anonymous

    Won’t happen. Canadian celebs NEVER live permanently in Canada. You can NOT become world famous in Canada. You MUST leave, mainly for the U.S..

  • Anonymous

    I think Pam sells herself short. Sure, she’s a tramp and her entire schtick is selling her T&A, but she’s made millions doing it. If she thinks that’s dumb, okay, but I think it’s pure genious to make millions off of two bags of silicone and a trashy demeanor.

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