Amber Portwood Sentenced To Five Years In Jail

It looks like troubled Teen Mom star Amber Portwood is headed for prison once again – although this time she’ll be behind bars for longer than a week.

TMZ reports that on Tuesday (June 5), Amber appeared in an Anderson, Indiana courthouse before a judge who decided to reimpose her original five-year prison sentence following a December 2011 drug arrest.

Instead of serving time, the former MTV star was initially able to enter a court-ordered drug rehabilitation. However, when Amber chose to give up the program, the judge concluded that he had no choice but to reinstate his original sentencing.

In mid-May, Amber – who is mom to 3-year-old daughter Leah – was thrown in jail for a week for skipping out on one of her program’s mandatory drug tests and then lying about why she couldn’t make it.

Citing a “medical condition,” Amber told the court she was recovering from gallbladder surgery and was under strict doctor’s orders to rest and recuperate at home for at least two weeks.

When prosecutors checked in with her doctor, the specialist admitted the reality star had made the instructions up.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous

    she had a choice, rehab or jail she choose jail

  • Porter

    What a dip.

  • Anonymous

    I hope Leah won’t be too badly affected by this…

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, she chose to do her 5 year sentence. She decided that was the only way she would be able to stay sober.

  • SMH

    I just feel bad for these kids.

  • Anonymous

    I know I’ll be in the minority here, but FIVE YEARS????? People who drive drunk and risk the lives of everyone on the road don’t get five years, neither do those that actually kill someone driving drunk, neither do some rapists, child molesters or thieves.

    Five years on a drug charge, sheesh. Did you know that if you distribute child pornography you get an automatic five years.

    So taking drugs = child porn? I don’t think so.

  • mara


  • Anonymous

    How sad that she chose this. I cannot imagine how her little girl is going to turn out in this situation.

  • Anonymous

    No sympathy It’s all her own doing !!!!! But I am sure she will be able to put the blame elsewhere !!!

    • Bella


  • Anonymous

    ??? why she is going to jail?????// to take drugs?

  • Anonymous

    Why did I think that was Natalie from the Facts of Life… yikes, I’m really showing my age.

  • Janet

    I think Amber needs more than 5 years to get her life together. 5 years is equal to about 6 mos after she gets time already served, then good time and 2/3 of original is what you normally do, so she gets out on parole in about 6 mos. She has a major anger issue an if she pulls it in prison, she will have a major black eye issue. If she is sentenced to 7 years she may do a year and that is prob more like what she needs to get her act together. Rehab didn’t do it. I was so sick of her in the episode where she told Gary she would take Leah the next day, then she decided to look at houses and screams cries and throws a hissy fit that she never said that..its recorded Amber we saw it…

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