Tori Spelling: “I’m Fashion Proud Of My Toddlerista”

Tori Spelling has posted a photo of Stella on her website stating, “I’m fashion proud of my toddlerista!!”

The pregnant reality star writes: “Stella’s fashion choices never cease to impress me. This whole look is beyond adorable, but to be honest, the reason that this picture really speaks to me is because of the socks. I thought that they were the fashion take away here. This look reminded me of the late 70’s, when I would wear socks like this with my white roller skates that had hot pink wheels.”

She adds, “I love that I always wore socks like that. Looking back, I think it was pretty cool to mix a sporty, almost boys’ sock with a super girly outfit. Cut to 30 years later, and those socks are back in style.  And Stella, without any prompting from me, is making a similar fashion choice and is beyond rocking it! And then adding her faux fur boots just takes it to another level.”

Stella does look cute and can you believe she’s turning 4 on June 9!

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  • denise

    SOOOO Adorable 🙂

  • Anonymous


  • SMH

    She’s cute. But at almost 4 she is not considered a toddler Tori 🙂

  • Anonymous

    It’s really not that big of a deal. My girls use to dress up and mix and match styles all of the time when they were little…and stop traffic…they took it to a whole other level when they would go into my closet and wear my shoes with their outfits too!! Not sure why Tori is blown away by the ordinary things her children do.

    • Me & Me

      She’s not. She just craves attention.

  • Anonymous

    Do not like the pose on this child; she looks like she has a lot of “attitude”

  • Anonymous

    wow…congrats on your daughter doing what EVERY OTHER CHILD DOES! glad to see it blows your simple little style isnt even cute..those boots are ugly!

  • Anonymous

    When are these people going to go away? Enough of them.

  • Anonymous

    WOW… why you gotta hate?? she thinks here daughter is adorabale as most parents would and yes she’s in the spot light, so what?? She’s a mom like most of us so stop with being the Mean girls and Move on. NEXT 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Ok, I get the re-living the “the tube sock thing” but Stella’s pose is not acceptable…she is only 4. As a actress you should understand images.

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