Donald Trump, Jr. & Family: Double Birthday Party

Donald Trump, Jr. and pregnant wife Vanessa looked every bit the perfect family alongside their gorgeous kids – Kai, 6, Donnie, 3, and Tristan, 8 months – at the Victorian Gardens in Central Park, New York City on Thursday (June 7). The doting daddy enjoyed the rides with his kids, Spider-Man and Captain America as they celebrated the birthdays of Kai and Donnie.

What a great double birthday party for the older kids! As it turns out, booking the amusement park just steps from their Manhattan home was effortless — the Trump family owns it!

The son of Donald Trump is carrying on the Trump legacy! “Vanessa & I have some good news. We are expecting baby [number] 4 in the fall!!! Kai, Donnie, and Tristan can’t wait!” Donald Jr., 34, announced last month. “They’ll be 13 months apart. Irish twins!”

“We’re so excited to add to our family,” Vanessa recently said. “I’m 4 months along [and] the baby is due in October.”

Although the couple are currently in the dark about the gender of their little one, Vanessa says “we’ll find out soon.”

“I’m feeling really good so far!” she added. “It’s been an easy pregnancy.”

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  1. P!nk

    Cute family. Donnie Jr is beautiful.

  2. Anonymous

    I can’t look at Donald Trump Jr. without wanting to gag. I’m surprised he hasn’t made his severed elephant tail that he took from the beautiful elephant he killed and held up so proudly, into a necklace for his wife.

  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous 5:11
    Me TOO !

  4. Anonymous

    By the way, Kai is 5 not 6! I know this because she was born on the same on this day as my daughter!

  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous 5.11 I agree with you 100% There is just no excuse for slaughtering innocent animals. If he was truly such a wonderful dad then he would try to set an example to his children by caring and respecting nature and animals etc. The Trump family seem totally fake and obsessed with money and status to me, I do not buy it )-:

  6. Jen

    Gorgeous kids? Sorry. The little girl is quite cute, but the older boy takes after his father, which is unfortunate. Don Jr. looks like a greasy truck driver from NJ. If he didn’t have money, nobody on the planet, including Vanessa, would find him attractive.

  7. Anonymous

    Kai is absolutely beautiful! One of the prettiest celeb kids, IMO.

  8. Anonymous

    he will have a wierd ” comb-over ” hairdo in a couple of years, just like his dads

  9. Anonymous

    I love this family,a family where a man spends time with his children and wife,i simply love them

  10. Anonymous

    I love this family,a family where a man spends time with his children and wife,i simply love them

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