Baby No. 3 On The Way For Graham Elliot

It looks like congrats are in order for Master Chef host Graham Elliot and his wife Allie.

The excited couple are expecting a little boy to join their household in September.

“Having kids makes you realize that all the things you used to stress out over really don’t matter at all,” the 35-year-old owner of G.E.B restaurant tells PEOPLE.

It looks like the couple have settled on a name chock full of family history for their soon-to-be son: Jedediah Pope.

“Her dad’s name is Jed, and the name Pope was the middle name of everyone on my dad’s side,” he explains. “The names Jed and Pope don’t get used often, and they’re part of our family history, so why not embrace that?”

Although the theme is still unknown, Little Jed – who will join the couple’s son Conrad, nearly 2, and Mylo, 5, Graham’s son from a previous marriage – will surely have an awesome nursery, just like his big brothers.

“Mylo had a cowboy theme and with Conrad it was giraffes,” Graham says. “I don’t know what we’re going to do with baby number three!”

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  • Susan

    I just watched Master Chef…Graham reminds me of Chaz Bono!!!

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