Ella Travolta: Grocery Gal in Brentwood

Ella Bleu Travolta was seen heading to Vicente foods to do some grocery shopping in Brentwood, Calif. on Friday (June 8). The 12-year-old wore a light flowing dress and a short sleeved cardigan for the trip out.

In an interview aired in May with Amanda de Cadenet – her mom Kelly Preston said she was more “wiser” now.

She said, “Our kids are the center of our universe. It’s different in that I’m so much wiser. I know myself so much more now.”

The 49-year-old actress added, “I’m so different, too. Now I don’t drink anymore. I don’t smoke anymore. I don’t do drugs anymore. All of those come with an ‘anymore.’ I used to do everything and a lot of everything. With drinking, I just decided that I wasn’t always at my best. There were times where I drank too much, for sure.”

Ella’s brother Benjamin was born in November 2010. Her brother Jett tragically died in January 2009. Unfortunately dad John Travolta remains in the news with sexual assault allegations.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I could have never guessed it’s Ella Travolta… She’s growing up so fast!

  • Gemi

    She’s looks so grown!
    She’s very mature for a 12-year-old….and before some of you starting attacking a childs weight, remember she just lost a brother a few years ago. It’s not your child, it’s not your business. She’s a lovely girl.

  • johntravoltafans

    John Travolta loves his family !!Some people have no morals and this idiot just wants money. Don’t believe a word. John is a good man, he’s a good husband and father and they don’t deserve this. Please everyone please post your support for John Travolta , you’ll never find anyone as kind as John Travolta. Check facebook John Travolta Fans Thanks for your time

  • Anonymous

    I have my doubts that this is Travolta’s daughter. It’s probably some random kid the paps saw when they were lurking outside the grocery store that fit Ella’s general description. Conveniently, the girl’s companion (probably her dad – not JT, btw) is photo-shopped out of the picture.

    CBS, you should ask for a refund.

    • Grace

      Look at her face. She looks like an exact mixture of her two parents. It’s defintiely Ella Travolta.

  • asie

    Ella is such a pretty girl but she’s overweight.

  • Anonymous

    shes a big girl!

  • Anonymous

    She’s a pretty girl but overweight and that’s a shame for a 12 year old.

  • Cynthia

    I can’t believe this is Ella Travolta! The last pics I saw of her she wasn’t this heavy. She was a normal weight and looked great! Holy crap, I am still in shock. I am wondering if this photo is photoshopped or is this really her pic?

  • Anonymous

    She looks just like her dad.

  • Logan

    I agree with “Jun 9, 2012 @ 06:00 pm Anonymous”… I very likely doubt it’s her.

  • Anonymous


  • Bah Bah, You Dumb Sheep

    Some of you ‘people’ are truly off the chart d-bags. Don’t you remember being 12? How would you have felt to have people discussing your weight on an internet forum. I suggest you think about it for a bit, then kindly grow the hell up.

  • Anonymous

    It IS her and she HAS gained that much weight. I’m not intending to be mean. She’s just a kid and her weight has nothing to do with what kind of person she is but seriously, they DO need to get her involved in some sort of cardio activity and also enlist the help of a nutritionist. I don’t subscribe to the notion that kids should be put on diets, per se and I also don’t think it necessary to become a nazi who never lets them have anything sweet, etc. But she needs some help in making better overall choices so that when she does eat high fat foods, it’s in moderation and small portions. She’s too young to be carrying that much weight. It isn’t healthy for her heart. I don’t blame eating as much as I blame the sedentary lifestyle that America has settled into since the internet took over our lives. Love the internet but it’s removed our children’s motivation to get out and move. We’ve got to make physical education a priority in schools and parents need to start insisting that their children put in at least a solid hour of real cardio every day before allowing them to settle in behind the t.v. or the computer. If they do the cardio and take care of their hearts, then the weight will start to take care of itself. The American lifespan is going to dwindle rapidly if we don’t get everyone moving again.

    • Anonymous

      First of all, she’s not THAT heavy. She’s also 12 which is an awkward age for lots of girls and an age where lots of girls get chubby only to slim down later (Bobbi Kristina anyone?!?!)

      But more importantly, who the hell are you talking to?!?!? Do you think the Travoltas are coming to this website looking for your advice on how to raise their daughter? You’ve already decided that her eating habits are poor, her parents are irresponsbile and she doesn’t get off the couch??

      My God, you people are so presumptuous.

      • Anonymous

        I’m sticking to my original comment — still skeptical that this is Travolta’s daughter in the first place.

        • Ed

          No moron again

  • Leah

    If you go to other sites you can see the guy that she’s with….he’s been in quite a few pics of the travoltas out and about! (See the Paris pics) it is her!!! and watch the mother day vid John made Kelly!

    She’s a really beautifiul kid! Was stunning when she little!

    • Anonymous

      Leah has wa-a-ay too much time on her hands!!

      • Anonymous

        Maybe your computer is way too slow. Going to other sites and looking at tags is only clicks away.

      • Bah Bah, You Dumb Sheep

        And you’re posting on a Baby Blog. Your life must be full.

        • Anne

          Aren’t you doing the same thing, though?

  • Hannah.J

    If this is Ella she has put alot of weight on in a very short time or it could just be a bad picture.

  • SMH

    This def looks like Ella Travolta and she looks exactly like John. Jetta also started to significantly gain weight by the time he hit 11-12 years old too. Usually people who are overweight tend to look a lot older then they are. Ella only just turned 12 in April and she looks more like a 17 or 18 year old. Her weight is not healthy for someone her age but we don’t really know her circumstances of how she handles her emotions. Many people turn to food as a crutch. She’s a pretty girl. But I do hope for health reasons she starts to thin out just a bit as she gets older.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I didn’t even recognize her. She’s put on some weight. A lot of it is probably baby fat and she’ll grow out of it.

  • Anonymous

    12 is such an awkward age! Would any of you like to go back to it? Lay off the kid.

  • musiclover

    Leave the girl alone! She’s 12! It’s not uncommon for girls (and boys) to start putting on weight at this age because their bodies are getting to shoot up and fill out. How would you like it if people got on the computer and started criticizing your child?! I think Ella is beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    If you don’t think it’s her… look at the 4th picture. That is TRAVOLTA.

  • Ani

    I know discussing a pre-teen’s weight is off limits, but seriously…her belly and thighs look horrible. No 12 year old should look like a 40 year old. I cannot believe her parents are not watching her weight and health. I speak from experience, if she’s not losing the weight soon her body will never snap back into shape. The health issues are a whole other thing. Diabetes, joints, heart…oh my.

    • Anonymous

      “I know discussing a pre-teen’s weight is off limits, but seriously…I’m going to do it anyway.”

      Concern troll is concerned. You’re still a terrible person.

      • Ani

        Oh now, that’s mature. At least I am a registered user here and not shooting my mouth off as “anonymous”, eh?

        If raising healthy children, supervising their eating habits and teaching them about the importance of a healthy lifestyle makes me a terrible person, there you go. I just don’t want ANY kid to grow into an adult that might suffer the consequences of being overweight.

        I find it more concerning that if she was an adult everyone would call her out for being unhealthy and out of shape. Just because she’s a kid everyone tries to be so political correct that they miss the fact that obesity in children is very dangerous and possibly damaging her health for the years to come. But okay, call me a terrible person.

        • Ed

          No moron

  • Anonymous

    her late brother was a heavy set kid too

    • Anonymous

      And their dad struggles with his weight, also, freely admitting how much he loves to eat and cook gourmet food.

  • Anonymous

    I was awkward, weird looking, and chubby at 12. It’s called the awkward stage for a reason. The last thing this kid needs is you freaking LOSERS commenting on her weight. She will grow out of it and lose the weight just like I (and most gorky 12 years) did. Grow up! Trolls.

    • Anonymous

      She is not just chubby, she is extremely overweight for a 12 year old!!!!! And most likely she is not going to grow out of it.

      • A. NONYMOUS

        And you must be anorexic if you think she is extremely overweight. She’s heavier than she should be. She won’t ‘grow out it’, but people making fun of her on the internet is not going to fix the issue either.

        • Anonymous

          How are you so sure she WON’T just grow out of it? Are you all-knowing?

          • Ed

            Not at all

  • Anonymous

    are you kidding grow out of it??? you don’t grow out of obesity! she needs to get control of her weight now! develop better eating habits and start exercising! I mean they can afford personal trainers and a cheif!

    • Anonymous

      She doesn’t “need” to anything. Her weight doesn’t affect you and it is her business and her business alone. Not yours. Not the rest of the trolls commenting here.

  • Beth Ann

    Where is Jessica Jane Clement( Everybody knows that she could be like Jessica if she would take off the weight. This is my advice.

    • Ed


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