Candy Spelling Reveals Tori Spelling’s Due Date

Although they’ve had a rocky relationship in the past, Tori Spelling and her mother Candy Spelling are in a “good place” these days. And it sounds like grandma Candy has a very special birthday gift coming from her famous daughter this year!

“She’s expecting on my birthday, September 20,” Candy told In Touch. “But it’s going to be a cesarean, so she’s going to have it earlier.”

Saying she’s “thrilled” about the impending bundle of joy, Candy says Tori has been struggling during her fourth pregnancy.

“She’s felt great through all her pregnancies, but she doesn’t feel so great through this one,” Candy said, attributing her daughter’s sickness to the fact that she and her husband, Dean McDermott, conceived just six weeks after the birth of their third child. “It was a little soon. Her body didn’t get back in shape, so I think it’s a lot for her!”

The baby on-the-way will join big brother Liam, 5, and little sisters Stella, 4, and Hattie, 8 months, and the happily reunited mother-daughter duo.

“Now that I’m a mom, I have a different perspective on our relationship and a deeper understanding of her,” Tori told Celebrity Baby Scoop about her relationship with her mother. “She just loves being a grandmother and the kids adore her. It’s so nice to be at this good place with her now.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Wow I could not imagine getting pregnant again after 6 weeks! My son was 8 1/2 months when I got pregnant again and that was enough for me! Best of luck to her…another c-section will be kinda rough after such a short duration between the last and this one, wishing nothing but health for both her and baby

  2. Anonymous

    If she’s having a scheduled c-section, why would she need to schedule it before her due date?

  3. Anonymous

    I hope they take a break after this one and are more careful, otherwise Number 5 will be on the way!

  4. Anonymous

    The option of cesarean section seems very respectable

  5. Anonymous

    If he due date it the 20th then that would mean she conceived before new years which means Hattie was actually 11 weeks not 6. Can’t anyone do simple maths?

  6. k

    Hattie will be 49 weeks and 3 days on September 20th. So she was 9 weeks old.

    • ZaraB

      The pregnancy would be dated from the time Hattie was 9 weeks old, but she actually would have conceived roughly two weeks later, around 11 weeks after Hattie’s birth. But 6 weeks or 11 weeks – that’s pretty full-on either way!

  7. amy

    i’m clearly the only person on this site who knows that conceiving ON new years, results in a due date in october. hasn’t anyone ever heard that october 5th is the most popular birthday? please – google it. she clearly conceived before christmas, and very easily could be due september 20th.

    • Grace

      No, you are mistaken. You should go find a due date calculator and put in those dates. You will find that you are wrong.

      • leah

        did you google it grace? because what she said is true an you clearly are wron

        • Grace

          Yes, I did. And both you, Amy, and the anonymous poster below this are wrong. Go try it for yourself if you don’t want to believe me. Go google “due date calculator” and put in the date of conception as being December 31st and it says the baby will be due on or around September 22nd. It’s sad to see that there are a lot of people on here who don’t understand anything about how pregnancies are dated. On the day a person conceives they are technically considered 2 weeks pregnant already, so you have to factor that into the 40 weeks when you calculate it. You really should do some research before spouting off your ill-informed opinion.

    • Amanda

      My baby is due October 5 :). But we conceived January 13. The math is a little off there.

  8. anonymous

    if her due date is september 20 then she conceived in mid-december, do the maths

    • Anon

      Nope, actually that is wrong. My sister conceived right around Christmas and her due date is 9/14, so there is no way that this baby was conceived during the middle of Dec if the due date is 9/20.

      Find one of the many due date calculators and enter in Dec 28 as the date conceived not as the date of last period and you will get 9/20. So, this baby was conceived between Christmas and New Years most likely.

    • KatieG

      You’re wrong. Your due date is 38 weeks after conception (or 40 weeks after the first day of your last menstrual cycle).

      If you actually conceived on January 1st, you’d be due September 23rd. Your last period would have started about December 18th, but that’s not really when you would have actually gotten pregnant.

      In Tori’s case, she may not have even started getting a period again after having a baby in mid-October.

  9. SMH

    Why all the concern over the actual due date of her baby? Clearly the baby is going to be born before Haddie turns one. Thus concluding the women is beyond nuts lol.
    6 weeks, 8 weeks, 11 weeks. None of it truly matters.

  10. Andrea

    What does it matter that the baby will be 11 months younger than Hattie. All children area blessing no matter what. And we all know that she has access to the best doctors in Hollywood. Hope she has a boy so that Liam will have a little brother.

  11. simonew

    Are they trying to be the new Duggars? My goodness…

  12. anonymous

    congrats .. ;i wish them the best. i love tori*s work ethic. . .she has it all

  13. Gina Bardach

    Even though the newest baby is already born, I have to say still to you all bickering over a due date is absolutely ridiculous!!! WHO gives a crap! It’s not like you are trying to figure out who the daddy is! Jeeeez ….haters for real

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