Paris Jackson: I Am Bullied By My Classmates

Three years after Michael Jackson died at age 50, his 14-year-old daughter Paris opens up to Oprah Winfrey on Oprah’s Next Chapter about being bullied by her classmates at L.A.’s prestigious Buckley School. (Famous alums include Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian)

“People try, but it doesn’t always work. [The bullying happens] at school and some people try to cyber bully me,” Paris admitted. “They try to get to me with words, but that doesn’t really work.”

When Oprah asked if her classmates might be jealous, given her father’s legendary career, Paris replied, “I don’t know.”

School isn’t all bad for the aspiring actress. The gorgeous teen said she’s happy to no longer be home-schooled. “It’s more normal. It’s more fun,” she said. “The social life has gotten better. I mean, there’s drama, but. . .”

Paris also addressed why she and her brothers, Prince, 15, and Blanket, 10, were masked in public as children. “I was really confused. I didn’t get why I was wearing a mask,” Paris said. “But I understand now why my dad would want our face to be covered. Like, when we went out without him, we wouldn’t be recognized, and we would have a normal childhood.”

She added: “Our dad was a really normal father when he was with us. We would get grounded if we did something bad.”

Paris is set to make her feature film debut in the movie Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys. “It’s fun. You can take on another character,” Paris said of her chosen career. “I think that’s just so awesome.”

“It never gets any easier,” she adds of the tragic loss of her father.

Jackson died in June 2009 from an overdose of propofol. His physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, was sentenced to four years in prison after he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for administering the powerful anesthesia.

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  • Meg

    The interview was ok, but Oprah asked a lot of the same stuff that she asked the first time around back in 2010. Paris seems like a nice, bright young lady, and it’s sad that she has to deal with bullying at school and at home. I remember reading at one point where somebody sent her pictures of her father’s dead body that emerged during the trial. Someone also told her it was her fault that her father died, and they spoke of her father doing terrible, awful things to her, and I won’t repeat them here.

    No child should ever have to endure that. I wish her and her brothers the best in life, and I do hope Paris has a successful career, if that’s truly what she wants, and I hope that she can maintain some normality in her life, despite the press always wanting to follow her every move.

  • anon

    Oh well. If you’re going to lie and pretend to be something you are not, then you are only getting what is coming to you. No one likes fakes. And she is obviously liking the attention or she would not put herself on TV or social media. Cry me a river.

    • Anonymous

      She’s FOURTEEN, give her a break. I wouldn’t be surprised if her family pushed her into this.

    • Meg

      Lay off. She’s a 14 year old kid. You’re no better than schoolyard bullies when you say things like that.

    • Meg

      Lay off. She’s a 14 year old kid. You’re no better than schoolyard bullies when you say things like that.

  • Anonymous

    Michael is NOT her biological father. I thought everybody knew that.

    • Anonymous

      So what?

  • Guest

    It should never happen but she said they ‘try’ to bully her so I think it is not too bad. Paris is rich so she doesn’t have to go to shool, it is her choice. The worst tragedy is that there are badly bullied kids who cannot afford private home schooling and nobody gives a sh…t about them.

  • Anonymous

    boo hoo
    every child is bullied at some point during school and in some way.
    it is normal
    not everyone gets along in real life and you have to learn do deal with it

    • Anonymous

      Normal? You think it’s normal to bully someone?!?! God save your friends and neighbors.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like there are others out there who would bully her if they had a chance. Have you forgotten she is a child?

  • diva

    I can walk down the street and ppl can claim and say Im not my parents bio child does that make it true HELL NO, does that mean I have to break out DNA results to prove it HELL NO, should I care what insignificant ppl on the internet think HELL NO, Cause just like Paris, Prince, and Blanket I will NEVER have to worry about what everyone else says cause what everyone else says means nothing , it doesnt stop me from living my life and it sure as hell wont stop them. Cause at the end of the day as long as you SECURE in who u are and where u come from aint a damn thing anyone else can say that will ever matter!!! So you can keep being “distracted” or acting like bullying of a child for whatever ignorant assumtions is okay but at the end of the day those kids have lives, happy, have friends and family and could care less what outsiders think so good luck with that cause the ONLY one who gives a damn is YOU , at night those kids wont spend not ONE sleepless night worrying over you but if you want to waste your enegy or stupidy and ignorance go right ahead !! Shame u havent learned by now they DO NOT CARE, you will NEVER break them EVER but have fun trying but when on day uo get tired of it be sure to get a life cause its just sad when kids 14, 15 and 10have lives and grown ass ppl have nothing better to do than bullying children they dont even know and who could care less about them or their opinon

  • Anonymous

    She is so lucky. Other girls can only dream about acting.
    Paris is 14 and she’s already been given a starring role in a film.
    If she’s bullied she can be home schooled like Blanket. Being Michael’s daughter she will always have friends anyway.

  • diva

    I was bullied my whole life and was badly beat up once by a group of girls and u know what SCREW YOU for acting like just cause someone has money being bullied is okay or fun or acceprable how ignorant and ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And everybody aint ignorant or assume they know about another person kids paternity most dont feel what they assume makes it true!!! Those who matter know inclluding those kids are secure in who they are and where they come from and u can keep up with the bullying shit all u want it will NEVER matter and they will NEVER stay up at night worrying about it cause as I said neither YOU nor your opinons mean all that much at the end of the dayl They have family, friends and a LIFE and as long as they have those things nothing u will ever say will ever stop them from living their lives and being happy young adults!! Im secure in who I am and NO ONE can and will ever dictact to me who I am or where I KNOW I come from and the same goes for Prince, Paris, and Blanket. If u havent gotten the message by now she nor her brothers give a damn they to busy living their life and being surrounded by love and ppl who matter than to care about those who DONT and NEVER will!!

  • mz.beautiful

    paris seems like what she is going thru wit being bullied doesnt really bother her she is a beautiful young lady and is notreally phased by the lil shit those ppl who try to bully her say

  • Anonymous

    Some of you guys are cyber bullies- hiding behind the anonymity of the computer and bashing a 14 year old girl. Good for you- you must feel so superior. Would you go up to an adopted person and bash them for being adopted? what the hell is wrong with you people??

  • anonymous

    She is delusional enough to believe she is half black, or maybe she thinks she is taking people for fools. She is not famous for anything other than being purchased by Michael Jackson. It looks to me like she is as whiny as Michael Jackson was, always playing woe is me victim.

  • Keavey

    What is she doing on a talk show?! She isn’t a celebrity – her father was.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if her grandparents have coaxed her.
    Either that, or she loves the attention.

  • diva

    Anonymous, the issue is THEY ARE NOT ADOPTED!!! It would be just as disrespectful if they were cause yes he would STILL be their Dad but the point and the point ALWAYS will be they are not and were not EVER adopted so its even MORE DISRESPECTFUL and RUDE to their father and mother Micheal and Debbie and those children Prince and Paris!!! I dont get how ppl cant see that!!! Has this world sunk so low that its okay to be so disrespectful and down right RUDE and IGNORANT about CHILLDREN who are flesh and blood and hurt and who have all the feelings u and I have. Ppl seem to make the excuse that cause they are celebrity children with a celebrity parent of whom some have hatred and anger for that its open season on the three innocent kids he left behind and that angers me cause it is NOT right and its UNACCEPTABLE behavior PERIOD!!! Paris tweeted one time last year she didnt ask to be born into this or the treatment she, her brothers, or father has and is receiving …thats breaks my heart cause NONE
    of you care or have compassion enough to understand what it is like for those kids to see and read constantly on a daily basis the bullshit about u and ur family all the time!!!
    As I said those kids KNOW who they are and where they come from and at the end of the day NOTHING strangers who dont even know them or their father have to say on the internet!! Trying to undermine them or their realtionship with their father by constantly everytime a article is written or a picture is shown saying they arent his bio children will NEVER work!! As u can see they are way to strong to let what other ppl think, ASSume, or say determine who they KNOW they are or where they KNOW they come from!!

  • patti

    well, they obviously don’t know if they think they’re mixed. these kids couldn’t be whiter if they tried and there’s not an ounce of jackson in them

    • Diva

      Patti and YOUR ass couldnt be more RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL, and IGNORANT how about THAT!!
      And question why havent ignorant ppl such as yourself learned by now that Paris , Prince, and Blanket WILL NOT back down to Bullies or ignorance ppl such as yourslef, They have stated they DO have proof and ARE VERY secure in who they are and where they come from. The ONLY ppl who matter is those three kids and since they KNOW better than your ass who they are and where they come from what makes u think they give a damn what u think. Paris already schooled your ass she doesnt back down or get phased by bullies or ignorant ppl like yourself so try as u might falling back on the tired lame ass they not his bio kids is old and DOES NOT phase those kids or make a bit of difference to those kids and NEVER will. YOU are no better than bullies who get off on being rude and trying to THINK they are putting someoone down making yourself look better but u only making yoursself look pathetic and sad. YOU and your OPINON will never dictate who those kids are and where they come from…So get that straight. What does is what those kids KNOW and they KNOW they are very much his kids and wheather u accept that or not that makes no difference or have any affect on those kids ..They have a life and they are to busy with family and friends who DO matter to give a shit about what some insignificant person thinks or assumes cant stress that enough cause obviously u havent gottent that through ur head. When u KNOW who u are and where u come from not a DAMN thing some stranger with no life talking shit on the intenet will phase you and thankful you and your opinions mean so very very little to them so you are NOT harming them your just making yourself look like the bullying, disrespectful, ignorant person u are and the more u keep trying to be rude to this kids who would know themselves and their own medical DNA than you the more pathetic u get and always will be…
      Im proud MJ raised HIS KIDS to be strong and not back down to bullys and ignorant foks cause you can not let ppl like that get the best of u cause with words and put downs and rudeness they try to push ur buttons and u dont know who u messing with those kids they dont care and will NOT back down to u or let your ignorant words phase them they will NEVER let u have that kind of power over them , you DONT desearve it!!! I said u keep on but u STILL dont get it!! Sad!!!

      • Guest

        Using a new name this week, Ashley?

        • Diva

          No, butthole Im not Ashley there ARE more ppl than u assume who care about theses kids and who support them and will NOT tolerate the bullying,ignorance and disrespect!! Just thought u should know that. Only ppl with NO LIVES would make numerous fake names and post crap about kids and things they know nothing about. So get it straight and whoever thrumbs up ur post and undo it cause Im in NO WAY Ashley even though I like her and many against the rudeness toward these kids!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think she should have a Twitter account at this age. Twitter is filled with immature and aggressive kids who attack every celebrity simply because they can. Paris should avoid that negativity for some years.

  • Leave paris alone,she is the beautiful daughter of the late michael jackson she is bein raised right,unlike some of u with ur ignorant,jealous comments.

  • teodora

    She is really pretty!

  • Shekinah

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