Tori Spelling Wonders If Cartoons Are Getting Too Smart

Tori Spelling shares the latest on what 5-year-old Liam has been thinking these days.

She writes on, “Liam walked into our bathroom this past week and said to Dean, “Dad, do I have a healthy colon?” Dean did a double take; did he hear him correctly? Did our five-year-old just inquire about the state of his lower intestine?”

She adds, “Yep. Dean heard him right the first time, as Liam inquisitively asked again, “Dad? Do I have a healthy colon?” Dean asked him where he heard about healthy colons, and Liam replied, “On TV, from Phineas and Ferb.” This, as you moms know, is a super popular kids’ cartoon series. One, I might add, that I personally love watching because I think it’s really smart.”

The pregnant CelebraTORI author continues on to ask her readers if kids’ cartoons are getting too smart these days.

Should my five year old really have to worry whether or not his colon is healthy? Or is it good to get a healthy (no pun intended) dialogue going in your household about the things that will matter to them later in life, or that could impact the adults around them?”

Tori asks, “What’s your take on conversations with the kids about adult issues? And do you think that cartoons are getting too adult?” 

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  • Anonymous

    Considering tori and Dean always talk about sex in front of their children, I do not find the discussion of a healthy colon too adult as a topic of conversation!

  • Anonymous

    I think her five year old should be more worried about his middle aged mom walking around in a monokini!!

  • SMH

    I think it’s not the cartoons she needs to worry about but her own conversations that she has in her household. The fact that the 5 year old is so inquistive and wants to know everything about sex and how hard his mom’s nipples are kinda shows me that these children seem to know a bit too much or lets say care to much about things that really shouldn’t be of concern to them at 4 and 5.
    As far as cartoons. My nephews watch them and I can’t stand half the one’s they put on. Spongebob by far is the worse. They had a whole show on poop. It didn’t even make sense. I swear it was just a way for them to say poop over and over in an episode. Of course the kids laugh and no harm comes out of talking about poop or saying the word poop but whats the point??
    I especially don’t think someone as young as Liam should be watching cartoon network jmo.

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