Halle Berry & ‘All About Nahla’

Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry was seen picking up her 4-year-old daughter Nahla from preschool on Tuesday (June 12) in Los Angeles, Calif. Nahla presented mom with a project called ‘All About Nahla’ as they walked to the car.

The custody battle continues between the Monster’s Ball actress and her ex, French-Canadian male model Gabriel Aubry.

Reportedly, Halle wants to move to France with Nahla and her fiancé, fellow actor Olivier Martinez, due to self-proclaimed fears of the invasive paparazzi. However, Gabriel is fighting the move.

Speaking about the custody evaluation report, a source close to the situation says it “minces no words, and outlines in detail the fact that Halle and Gabriel can’t get along.”

“They had a very bitter break-up, and there are lingering issues of anger and mistrust of BOTH parents. The person that this is hurting is of course, Nahla. She loves both of her parents very much, and there is absolutely no question that Gabe and Halle are devoted to their little girl. The report asserts that as the little girl gets older, if her parents aren’t able to get along, it could have a very negative impact on her life. The independent child psychologist again emphasized that Halle and Gabe need to come together to co-parent Nahla, and get over the past, period. Nahla is a very well adjusted little girl, who has a very sweet disposition, and is very mature for her age, and both parents could learn a lot from her.”

A custody trial is reportedly scheduled to begin within the next few weeks and both Halle and Gabriel are expected to take the witness stand.

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Enough about their breakup. Let them be already. Does EVERY article have to be about that?

That “All About Nahla” project is off-the-charts adorable!!

So cute



AWWW! At the bottom it asks “If I had one wish…” and Nahla has put a baby sister! Sooo sweet!

Meghan P.

And then she added a bunk bed, with ‘I sleep on top’ added. Funny! Kids do love the idea of bunk beds, don’t they?