Josh Duhamel & Fergie Are Ready To Start A Family

Josh Duhamel and Fergie are ready to start a family. The actor was at a PetSmart Charities event on June 12 when he mentioned their future plan to have babies. The topic came up when he was asked  if they were going to get another dog.  Their beloved Meatloaf died from a brain disorder a few weeks ago.

Josh, 39, said, “I think we’re going to focus on our human baby first. Hopefully we’ll have kids and then at some point we’ll get another dog.”

E! News reports he added, “I don’t know how to describe it, but anyone who would come over, they all went to Meatloaf. He was just so f–king adorable. He was a really, really soulful smart little dog. I never thought I’d be as shaken up as I was when he was gone.”

The Transformers star supports pet adoption because the couple adopted Meatloaf six years ago.

“Meatloaf could have died six years ago,” He said. “Who knows if they would have had to put him down because these shelters are so overrun.”

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If it’s meant to happen it will but they better be careful what they wish for


They (Josh) are always talking about starting a family. Just wait till it happens and then announce it instead about saying they are ready every other month.