Muhammad Ali & Grandson Curtis Star In Louis Vuitton Ad

Muhammad Ali and his 3-year-old grandson Curtis “C.J.” Conway are the stars of a new Louis Vuitton ad campaign that debuted yesterday.

In the ad, which was shot by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, the 70-year-old boxing legend watches on as C.J. stands in front of him wearing a pair of boxing gloves. A $1,525 Louis Vuitton “Keepall 50” bag lies on the ground beside the pair.

According to Muhammad’s wife Lonnie, the fighter hand-picked his campaign co-star: “The two share a special bond. Of all the grandchildren, C.J. looks the most like Muhammad. And he even acts like him. That child—I’ll tell you!”

C.J. is the oldest child of Laila Ali and Curtis Conway, who are also parents to daughter Sydney.

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Photo credit: Louis Vuitton


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  1. NYC Mommy

    my goodness he really looks alot like his grandfather. Looks like he is working on his mean boxing face. I fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

  2. monique

    OMG I’m dying from cuteness!!!! And the way his grandad is looking at him. You can just tell he’s spoils him rotten. I love it!

  3. Now i dont know why but this little kid gives me a feeling that a new Muhammad Ali is about to arrive soon in front of the world from his own bloodlines

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