Nicole Eggert & Her Grocery Girls

Baywatch star Nicole Eggert was photographed with her two daughters – Keegan, 11 months, and Dilyn, 14 – in Los Angeles, Calif. on Friday (June 15). The trio were seen making their way back to the car with a buggy full of groceries.

Last month, we spotted the Charles in Charge alum enjoying a hike with her youngest daughter in the LA hills.

Nicole was once engaged to ’80s teen heartthrob Corey Haim. But the actress claims he is not the father of her elder daughter.

“I get asked from time to time about who Dilyn’s father is, and what’s happened to him since her birth,” Nicole shared. “I always explain that her dad isn’t anybody in show business–which is to say it’s most assuredly not Corey Haim–and that he was truly in love with me, but just not ready to be a parent. Some people in the world are simply that way.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. Von

    Holey moley! She’s certainly a far cry from her Baywatch days. Is she preg??

  2. Sally

    I thought the same thing. (far cry from
    Baywatch days), but I’m thinking she just hasn’t
    Lost the baby weight from #2. Ay-yi-yi. How embarrassing!
    I’m glad paparazzi can’t photograph me. No telling what people would

  3. Adalaide

    What happened to her? Geez.

  4. SMH

    Yeah she def has come a long ways since her baywatch days for sure!!

  5. Dee Willis

    Geez guys she is HUMAN…baby is probably only a year old. I still have baby weight from my 3 yr old. Glad to see she is not like most Hollywood types and needs to starve herself to be beautiful…good for her !!

  6. amanda

    hmm… me thinking theres another baby in that belly

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