Sandra Bullock & Louis: Best In Class

Academy Award-winning actress Sandra Bullock was seen picking up her sweet 2-year-old son Louis from preschool in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Thursday (June 14). The multi-tasking mama toted her tot’s lunchkit and hoodie as the adorable duo made their way to the car.

Great news out of Hollywood! Sandy B and Melissa McCarthy are joining forces for an untitled comedy about an F.B.I. agent (Bullock) and Boston cop (McCarthy), with Bridesmaids director Paul Feig. and Parks and Recreation writer Katie Dippold penning the script.

Proud to adopt a child from the U.S., Sandra has talked about the first time she met her son.

“The first time I met Louis, it was like the whole outside world got quiet,” she said. “It was like he had always been a part of our lives. All I said when I met him was, ‘Oh, there you are.’ He’s just perfect, I can’t even describe him any other way.”


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  • So cute

    Louis! I like this little boy, something about him that makes me smile and he is just a cute as ever.

  • Elle

    Can’t believe he’s two already. So cute.

  • Gumbo

    He is the reincarnation of his namesake Louis Bardo Armstrong and they were both born in New Orleans.

  • Emma

    I didn’t know 2 year olds went to pre school. Is this an American thing? Is it not just day care?

    • Elle

      I live in the UK and I started pre-school at two. Just saying.

  • Emma

    Usually it’s about 2 and 9 months and it’s only playgroup. That wee man is only just 2.

  • still pretty lame that she’s making another movie instead of pulling to the side of the road (drunky) … but i think maybe she’ll be a’ight. There is a lot to know about life and its sad that so many start life without realizing the things they needed to do it right until …{luuking back is always 20/20} …i wish people wuld solve problems BEFORE they arise insted of just ‘learning’ frum the mistakes they have already incurred (when its too late).

    but i hope she finds the joy within herself to conquor her fears…to educate herself on the things that challange her…to train and learn and maybe she’ll grow up by the time she hits fifty instead of “start to grow up” @ 50 like SO MANY often do {when it is far to late already} 🙁 !

    only one person is ever going to make you happy, Sandy…she’s yur best friend and yu most avid supporter…so be good to her…and treat others the same way you would treat her…(that dosn’t exclude attitude…it just means to be thoughtful…’yu wuldn’t like it if sumone did “that” to you’ … surely…yu wuld curse them…who wuldn’t? who culdn’t??…think about it).

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