Fatherhood Inspires Ben Affleck To Fight For Change

Ben Affleck jetted to Washington, DC, last week, where he joined Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at an event to raise awareness of child mortality in developing nations, a tragedy that they say is in many cases preventable.

The dad-of-three, who in 2010 founded the Eastern Congo Initiative and has traveled to the Democratic Republic of Congo several times, explained why this cause is so near to his heart.

“I have three children who fall into the vulnerable age range,” said Ben, who has kids Violet, Seraphina and Samuel with his wife Jennifer Garner. “I cannot imagine what it would’ve been like driving my wife to the hospital pregnant, about to give birth and thinking to myself well there’s a 15 percent chance that each of these children won’t live to be five years old.”

“Much of the time, saving a child’s life is as simple as ensuring kids sleep under bed nets to avoid malaria,” he added.

It seems we can count the Secretary of State among Ben’s many fans. She gave him a glowing introduction, saying, “I’ve known this young man for a long time and I have watched him start his own family with three beautiful children and a wife that makes it all work. I have enjoyed him in person, I have enjoyed him on the screen, but I particularly admire his commitment.”

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Mario Pacheco
Ben Affleck is SUPERDAD. He’s doing the right thing by taking part in putting an end to child mortality all thanks to his idea and vow to be a great father to his three kids by protecting him so they can live to be adults as well as live life and have fun. Child mortality is something I think America should worry about. Tons of vulnerable kids are killed by child kidnappers and child molesters. These sick f**** killing innocent kids. I know Ben Affleck, America, and every one of us should and are gonna do something about this. Good… Read more »
Mario Pacheco

No more innocent children being killed by child molesters and child kidnappers. Parents should be fully aware of this situation as it is affecting not only America, but to you and your children’s lives. Child mortality is one serious tragedy and I intend that every one of us gotta do something so that our children can live to be adults so they can go out into the world and do great things. A new beginning will arise.