Eddie Cibrian Spends Father’s Day With His Sons

The Cave actor Eddie Cibrian was seen enjoying Father’s Day at the park with his two sons Mason, 8, and 5-year-old Jake in Malibu, Calif. on Sunday (June 17)

The famous father – who turned 39 on Saturday (June 16) – joined his wife LeAnn Rimes as the couple enjoyed playing some baseball and frisbee with the boys. Afterwards, the foursome cooled off with some frozen treats from the ice cream truck.

We last saw the youngest Cibrian boy when he was photographed out and about with his step mother at the the grocery store.



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Photo credit: AKM-GSI

  • anon

    He isn’t spending Father’s Day with his kids, as usual he is exploiting them. The pap agency that took the photos of Leann “shopping” with the youngest boy, is the same pap agency that took these photos. Which also the same pap agency that was with Leann and Eddie while they were in Cabo.

    Shouldn’t the media be calling Eddie out on his hypocrisy? He makes a huge fuss about his kids being featured on his ex-wife’s show, and yet he has no problem plastering the kids faces all over the internet when he has something to promote? Yeap, check out the tv schedule. He is only playing the devoted father because he is going to be on a show this week. Sad.

    Of course Leann “joined” them. She won’t allow Eddie and his kids to be alone for a sec because she is afraid that her hubby will sneak off and go play hubby to another woman.

    It’s quite sad that the media qlorifies their behavior instead of calling them out on it.

    Thanks for not including the disgusting photos of Leann’s lady parts hanging out of her shorts and her shirts and of her and Eddie putting on a major pda show. If this was all about the kids, why would Leann once again put herself at the center of it?

  • Janna

    Well… at least she’s got more clothes on than usual?

  • anon

    Someone made an interesting point on another site. They noticed that Leann is trying to copy the photos of Brandi playing at a park with her boys. That’s is quite sick. Why is Leann always trying to take over the role of the kid’s mother? It wasn’t enough to just spend the holiday with them, she just had to attempt to recreate the photos of the boys playing in a park with their mother.

    The close ups are horrific. It looks like Leann isn’t even wearing any underwear. How can anyone look at these photos and think that they are appropriate? She intentionally went to that park dressed like that because she knew the paps, which she called, would be there.

    • Anonymous

      Horrific? No. Horrific is a bloody car accident. Horrific is mutilation. Horrific is child abuse. Horrific is cancer.

      Horrific is not some woman’s ass cheeks hanging out of her shorts.

      • anon

        So you are back? I was wondering when you were going to start this up again. So how long are you going to do the back and forth this time? It didn’t do you any good last time.

        No matter how many excuses you make for Leann, it is horrific that her butt cheeks are hanging out of her shorts. especially when she is always talking about how she puts the kids first and will do anything for them. Those are children. So how come she would dress like that in front of the boys? It was Father’s Day, would it have killed Leann to let Eddie and his kids have this day to themselves instead of inviting the paps and making it all about her?

        If cancer, mutilation, a car accident, and child abuse were more horrific than Leann’s butt cheeks hanging out of her shorts, you wouldn’t be here commenting on this matter. Leann’s fans are not very bright. Once again you just defeated the purpose of your argument!

        BTW, several media outlets thought that her clothing was inappropriare. Shall I post the comments? Even this site thought it was horrific, seeing as how they made sure to exclude those particular photos from their story.

      • anon


        Hi JANNNA/NYCMOMMY, so you figured out how to post under anonymous using the new system! Great.

  • anonymous

    Just when you think that Leann can’t possibly get any more disgusting or stoop any lower, she pulls yet another outrageous stunt. Leann went on vacation with Eddie and his sons and as usual when she spending time with “her family”, she spends more time tweeting than she does with “her family”.

    So when one of her fans asked why she was up tweeting at 1am(because that is what all celebs who have having a GREAT time with their families do, right?), this is what she said: “chilling w/ my hubby and our lil one in a dock under the stars”

    Our lil one? The boy is Brandi and Eddie’s son, not Leann and Eddie’s son. Although Leann pays several sites enough to post that the boy is her and Eddie’s son, she she probably just bought into the hype. Why does Leann take every oppourtunity to disrespect the mother of Eddie’s kids? And she does it so publicly, where the boys will eventually see it when they get older. And then Leann and her fans just can’t understand why the backlash against Leann continuse to grow.

    Secondly, if she was really chilling with her hubby and “their” lil one under the stars, then why is she tweeting? Isn’t that odd. She is in a nice place on vacation with her husband and “lil one” and the first thing she can think about is tweeting?

    So when Leann releases the staged photo-ops of her with Brandi and Eddie’s kids at the lake, she already tweeted about how there were “tons” of paps outside, will the media call her out or will they glorify her bad behavior? How come we don’t see other celeb stepmothers(with the exception of Tori and Giselle) doing the things we constantly witness for Leann? These are the stepmothers you should be praising, not someone like Leann who constantly disrespects the mother of her stepkids just to make herself feel better about her marriage to a man who cheats on her.

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