Connie Britton Kisses Her Cutie

Jet-setting duo Connie Britton and her son Yobi were spotted on their way to catch a flight out of Los Angeles, California at LAX today (June 19).

The 45-year-old Friday Night Lights star seemed in good spirits, planting a kiss on her adorable baby boy before tucking him into the carrier for their journey through the airport.

Connie recently opened up about her adoption experience during an appearance on The Conversation With Amanda de Cadenet. Though it took 3 years to finally bring her baby home, she says motherhood was absolutely worth the wait:

“I do very strongly believe that he and I did choose each other. I think that’s really true with adopted children. I know that he is my son.”

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Adoption is a very beautiful thing, I wish more people would do it. It does not matter if wre you adopt from, it’s just amazing, and she loves him.


I know it’s completely irrelevant, but I do hate the name Yobi. Here in Britain, a “Yob” is a mindless thug and that’s all I think of when I see this little boy’s name =S x


Well, he’s not from Britain and it’s a common nickname for Eyob, his given name.


I have never heard of this woman in my life. Who the heck is she?

NYC Mommy

Sheila- Not sure if you are from US but she is quite a big star here. She starred in Friday Night Lights for over 5 years was on American Horror Story after that and now will star in new ABC series NASHVILLE. They have been running promos non-stop. I saw it during NBA playoffs last night.


You can google her. You’ll find plenty of info about her.


Here in Britain, a FAG is a cigarette but in America it has a completely different meaning. Yobi ia an African name and there is a river in Nigeria called the Yobi. But of course most people in the world think of Star Wars when they hear the name Yobi.


Forgot to mention his name is “YOBI” not “YOB” anyway.

So cute

Eyob is too adorable, and he looks a lot healthier and well fed compared to when he was just adopted.