Hugh Jackman & Kids: Splashin’ In Barcelona

Hugh Jackman and his family were seen having fun on the beach in Barcelona, Spain on Wednesday (June 20). Oscar, 12, and Ava, nearly 7, were all smiles as they splashed in the water with dad. With his top off – one can’t help check out the 43-year-old actor’s rippling muscles.

They were last seen taking a walk in New York City on Father’s Day.

Now that Hugh just finished filming his latest movie Les Miserables he can spend more time with the children and wife Deborra-Lee Furness.

So what do his kids think about his fame?

“My daughter is 6 and she is really starting to get it now. My son is 12 and he just wants me to be dad. He doesn’t want me to be famous. He doesn’t like when people come up to me on the street. He would much prefer if nobody knew who I was. Although, I’ve seen him in social situations when he didn’t think I was listening, and he once said to a girl, ‘Well, my dad is Wolverine.’ So when it came to try to talk to this girl, apparently it came in handy!”



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  • N.S

    I hate seeing little girls in bikinis. :/

    • Anonymous

      Especially this one, it’s small and kinda creepy.

      • Lana

        Why is her bikini creepy? Can you explain the creepy part – I think you are being really weird for thinking this… I remember myself in her age wearing bikini and being happy to look just like my mom! Besides, Ava’s bikini is very cute – cheerful.

  • X

    I hate seeing men in speedos. At least it’s not a thong

  • Marfle

    I didn’t even noticed Ava’s bikini. The topless lady minding her own business in the third pic got my attention lol.

    • X

      Thanks for pointing that out. She seems to be nippless or maybe it’s the angle

      • Marfle

        If you look closely, you can see them. They’re not small.

  • Anna

    They all look so happy, having fun in the sea. Great family!
    Little girls have been wearing bikinis for decades, nothing wrong with them.

    • X

      I don’t see the big deal

  • Marfle

    Seriously what’s the deal with Ava wearing a bikini. Didn’t you know little girls also wear bikinis? Take a look at this:

  • Anonymous

    All I saw was a family enjoying themselves at the beach (and maybe Hugh’s great abs). You choose to see what you want to see.

  • noneedtoknow

    I am surprised that Ava is wearing her bikini top. Most little girls her age at the beach in Spain do not wear swimsuit tops. That is the way the culture is in all of Europe.

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