Get the Look: BooginHead

Haven has a BooginHead PaciGrip in Delicate Dot Pink – $5

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  1. Anonymous

    Cute baby but if you didn’t know about Jessica’s mom’s heritage, you would never think that this child is her baby. Or would you think that this child is part black and part hispanic.

    • Veep

      Huh? What are you smoking? This child looks 100% Caucasian (even though she is not, since her father is half black). Now, her sister, Honor, looks a tiny bit ethnic – but not this child. Maybe Haven will get better coloration as she gets older. Either way they are very cute children – both of them.

    • Kim

      No, I would not have guessed that she had Hispanic and African heritage but Haven skipped a generation to go back to her grandmother.

  2. Kelly

    Cute little Haven looks just like her Danish gran.

  3. Kim

    her mother is half Mexican and her father is half black but she looks Danish with red hair.

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