Jessica Simpson Shares Picture Of Daughter Maxwell

Beautiful just like mama!

New mom Jessica Simpson shared an adorable new snapshot of her baby girl, 8 week-old daughter Maxwell Drew, via Twitter on Tuesday. “Howdy friends,” the Fashion Star mentor, 31, wrote in the caption along with her gorgeous girl dressed in a red and white striped top.

The singer-actress-entrepreneur welcomed baby Maxi with fiancé Eric Johnson, 32, on May 1.

The precious picture comes just days after Jess shared an image of herself wearing a low-cut black top, putting her postpartum cleavage on full display.

The blonde beauty recently talked about her $4 million Weight Watchers deal in place.

“The cool thing about the program is that it focuses on healthy habits for the long-term (and I can still indulge in my guilty pleasures every now and then, too). I have actually gotten a group of friends together who are going to be doing it with me,” Jessica said.

Who does baby Maxwell look like most? Mom or dad?


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Photo credit: Twitter

  • Arlene S.

    Cute and chunky! Love her little mouth! So kissable! Looks like both parents! Good luck with that cutie!

  • Anonymous

    Not the cutest baby I have ever seen, but thank goodness she has more of her mom’s features! I dont find Eric Johnson attractive at all. You can see his genes in the unattractive part of this baby. Hopefully she’ll resemble Jess more as she gets older.

    • Not A Fan of Arlene

      The “unattractive part of this baby”?

      ::Shaking my Head::

    • Anonymous

      Re-read your comment in a few years and hopefully once you’ve grown up a little, you’ll see what an inane and immature comment that was. My guess is that you don’t have children yet.

  • I wish I had a sweet newborn like this to call my own. For the first time ever, I envy her.

  • Lolo

    She is pretty cute…gotta love chubby babes! I love her auburn hair too. I think she will be super cute as she gets older.

    • Babytoes

      Uhhhh why would someone give this comment a -1?!

  • Veep

    Wow! Look at those lips. Gorgeous. Love her! Funny how her lips are bigger than Blu Ivy’s little lips who has JAY-Z for a dad. LOL!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not a fan of Jessica Simpson at all and don’t think Eric Johnson is anything to look at but this baby is not that bad looking. She’s actually kinda cute.

  • Isabella

    No one wants thin lips but this baby has gorgeous full ones, kind of reminds me of Angelina Jolie. She is a cute baby.

    • Anonymouse

      No one wants thin lips? Are you speaking for everyone on the planet? Should everyone with thin lips get implants? Or should we all just kill ourselves now?

  • marie

    wow! look at those big eyes! every baby is truly a miracle…

  • Josie

    The first thing I thought when I saw the picture was that someone must have told the baby her name and this was her reaction. I don’t blame Maxi Pad for feeling screwed on her name, just so mom could make waves.

    • Anonymouse

      If your kids go to school with a girl named Maxwell, are you going to teach them that it’s perfectly fine to make fun of her name and call her “Maxi Pad”?

      You and your type are the problem, not Jessica Simpson or anyone else who their kids a less-than-traditional name.

  • SMH

    She’s cute but she looks like a boy and Maxwell does not help much.

  • Mlya

    umm whats wrong with thin lips? Im irish and Scottishand my lips are thin, but noone has ever said anything about it to my face and I have never had a problem getting guys…yeah not everyone wants big old sausage lips!

  • Angelie

    very cute baby! She looks just like her mom. How can people hate on a little baby?

  • NYC Mommy

    Maxwell is just adorable with those big beautiful eyes and full lips.

    and for all those ragging on bay’s name—-They picked Maxwell due to family name they did not just pick it out of a hat. I have a few girlfriends with manly names and all due to their first name was their mother’s maiden name. not that rare.

    • NYC Mommy

      oops please read above as baby’s name NOT bay’s name… fingers type faster than my brain.

  • Miss Lys

    What a cutie! Looks just like her mama 🙂 I <3 her full lips.

  • An33

    It’s weird that her little eyes still have that “newborn puffiness” look to them; she’s a chubby morsel nonetheless.

  • Sophia

    Aw, what a gorgeous little girl! 🙂

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