Molly Sims Reveals Son’s Name

A week after welcoming their first child together, Molly Sims and husband Scott Stuber have revealed their son’s name: Brooks Alan Stuber, her rep tells Us Weekly.

Baby Brooks – who was born on June 19 – had the new mom, 39, gushing  about the “happiest day” shortly after his arrival. “It is with such absolute pride and pure joy that we welcome baby Stuber into our lives,” Molly wrote on her website

She added: “He weighs in at just over 7 lbs., and I could just eat him up he’s so sweet! Scott and I could not be happier, and can’t wait to watch our little guy grow and see the world through his eyes. The past nine months have already been an incredible journey, and we are so excited for everything to come!”

Last month Molly told Celebrity Baby Scoop about their baby name criteria.

“For my husband the name has to have three criteria: how will it sound over a loud speaker if they’re announcing him at a sports arena, will he be made fun of in fifth grade, and does it have any meaning? Those are his three rules,” she shared.




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  • Anon.

    I adore the name Brooks! It is cute for when he is young and handsome for when he is older. I like that it isn’t unheard of, but not overused either. I don’t care for the middle name Alan though. I wonder if it’s a family name or Scott’s middle name.

  • Janna

    Congratulations! Nothing sweeter than a new baby.

  • Anabelle

    lol – Brooks is what my grandad used to call me.

    • Anonymous

      How is that funny?

  • Leslie

    Doesn’t go well with the last name and sounds pretentious imo.

    • Leslie

      to clarify… ending the first name with an S and starting the last name with and S is hard to pronounce clearly. Adding in the B in Brooks and in StuBer it’s just too much alliteration for my taste.

      • Leslie

        It’s going to sound like Brooke Stuber when people say it.

        • Anonmous

          What you had to said was not even interesting enough for ONE post, never mind THREE.

        • Anonymous

          Who are you talking to??

  • anonymous

    It’s more interesting than yours.

    • Anonymouse

      And yours?

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