Camila Alves’ Tribeca Tots

They’re getting so big!

Newlywed Camila Alves stepped out with her cute kids Levi and Vida yesterday, heading to a lunch date in New York’s trendy Tribeca neighborhood (June 27).

The happy trio are in the Big Apple along with dad Matthew McConaughey, who is keeping busy promoting his new film Magic Mike.

Longtime lovebirds Matthew and Camila tied the knot earlier this month in an intimate ceremony at their Texas home, and Levi and Vida were front and center to see mom and dad say “I do.”

“Levi brought the rings on a necklace, and Vida was the flower girl. I don’t think she dropped one petal,” Matthew recently revealed. “It was only like 25 yards. I think it took them two minutes to make it this far. They stopped talked to some people, and then I crouched down and they came running.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News, FameFlynet, Splash

  • Anonymous

    Vida is adorable. The other one, not so much.

    • gogogo

      You’re talking about kids, not pairs of shoes…

      • Domino

        So because they are kids she has to think both are cute? They are humans, not angels or even puppies, kids can be ugly too and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

        • Anony

          Including gogogo.

        • gogogo

          If you have an opinion about a kid’s look and need to share it with the world, I feel sorry for you.

          And if you are really got to rate them, at least call them by their names, not “the other”…

    • Dee

      anonymous, you’re a prick. how dare you come on a celebrity baby website and make remarks about a child.

      • Anonymous

        Great. Another poster who thinks it’s A-OK to critique the face of a small child.

  • NYC Mommy

    both kids are so adorable. Levi is starting to favor his dad. I love Vida’s mismatched socks. very trendy.

  • Isa

    They always look so raggedy and resemble mom more than dad.

    • Anon2

      I guess people see what they want to see. I don’t see ‘raggedy’ at all. But then again, I’m not a bitch.

      • KatieG

        +1 🙂

  • Oli

    Gorgeous kids! And I for one like how they are dressed, always look comfortable, yet cute!

  • SMH

    Levi looks alot like his dad but w/ his mother’s complexion. Vida is all her mother!

  • Romina

    I think they’re beautiful! When they’ll grow up they will be beautiful! <3

  • Mlya

    the boy is gonna be super handsome as a grown man!

  • Memory

    They look very mixed and not enough like Mathew.

    • Anony

      Ok, you win the “stupidest comment in the thread” award.

      • Deb

        Anony, I think we should think broader – “stupidest comment” of the month maybe – and Memory’s comment is definitely also one of the most offensive comments in a while.

        • Anonymous

          Why are you so offended? They are mixed after all.

          • NYC Mommy

            My children are also mixed race but I believe what may be viewed as offensive is that the poster says they dont look enough like Matthew, which may imply the poster thinks being lighter skinned is more desirable than being darker skinned. Just a guess.

          • Meghan

            latina is not a race. It is an ethnicity.

          • Ebonita

            I think “not enough like Mathew” implies that looking like they are part Latin is somehow wrong.

      • Anonymous

        Your comment says a lot about you… none of it good, unfortunately.

    • Isabella

      Could you be any more offensive? You are one nasty loser.

  • gogogo

    well meghan the word is mixed-raced not mixed-ethnicited..

  • Rio

    First of all they are not Latino they are Brazilian on their mother’s side her race is black and white and Brazil is not an Hispanic country. Gisele is German and Ambrosio is Italian. Unfortunately, Spanish speaking American activist have a tendency to lump all people from South America together when nothing could be further from the truth. Brazil does not have a Latino culture and people are referring to looks .

    • jesse

      Yes they are Latino. Latino comes from the word Latin you know the Latin language and in Brazil they speak Portuguese which is still a Latin language meaning they are Latin or Latinos.

      • Marb

        Jesse, you are so wrong! If a person is a “Latino/a” simply b/c the country they’re from speaks a Latin language, then all the people from FRANCE, ITALY and ROMANIA should also be classified as “Latinos” since these three languages (along w/Spanish, Portugues, Catalan, Basque) were also derived from the Latin language.

        The term Latino is simply a way for the US to classify and pigeonhole something which si too diverse. It’s like saying that everyone who speaks English or come from an English speaking country is Anglo. This is so far from the truth!

  • Alfredo

    Brasil is a multi racial country and we do have several races in Brasil and Camilia is considered mixed race. People in Brasil are frequently described by their race not our culture which is a blending of several European countries, Africa and the indigenous tribes you are not Latino but have their own culture, race, religion and language. There are more Italians in Brasil than in the United States and we also have a very large German population. And I agree, that people look like their race not their geography that is ridiculous.

  • Rodriguez

    English is a Germanic language but people who speak english all over the world includung Asian and Africa are not German. People are not defined by the language they speak they are mostly recognized by their culture and race. Even in Spanish speaking countries of South America the people call themselves Hispanic. Romania is a Latin based language but the people are not Latin. Today the word Latino refers to Hispanics and Brazilians are not Hispanic.

  • LU

    as a spanish who lives in brazil, my husband is, my kids too… and are latinamerican yes. southamerican….yes. we are white, maybe because more of our famiy came from europe (im came from im 29…)talking about my brazilian family.. but we have black people too. specially at north of brazil.and indian. and a mixture of all. this is not offensive, is reallity.
    the only i see. is the little one is so small? and i want to know why. because here anyone says anything about… is normal at his age? he looks so small. and this is not a critic, im asking…
    sorry for the mistakes…

  • Anonymous

    there is only one race… the human race. there are multiply ethnicities common mix up.

  • Yara

    Saying someone is Latino is like saying someone is Anerican or british. we Brazilians always refer to ourselves as Brazilians and nothing else. These children are American and mixed race only their mother is Braziian. IN Brazil Half of the population are mixed race and the other half are Caucasian. We are Brazilians.

  • Jana

    The kids are cute. They look pretty white and blonde because Camila is very black/indian looking. She must have blonde blood in her from the portuguese side. Blonde is recessive and you need the gene from both. Camila is very dark. She has a nice coloring but physically I don’t think she is pretty. I think Mathew could have gotten a beauty someone like Sofia Vigara or Selma Hyaek but maybe this lady Camila is very nice and takes marriage seriously.

    • theworldisgoingmad

      You are an ignorant idiot!! @ Jana. You are simple-minded, bigoted, hateful, ENVIOUS, etc. At lease Camila does not have to fear the sun. At least as she ages her skin will not become tissue paper thin and spotty. You people have nothing. When the blacks were building paramids you were crawling around on all fours, hairy and fighting wild dogs for raw meat. I apologize to the right thinking people out there this is meant for the simple minded haters out there. Who obviously have no real knowledge of REAL HISTORY! Those children are beautiful and protected BECAUSE of their mother’s heritage!!

  • Beatrice

    Matthew married the woman he wanted he didn’t want a Sofia (a white Colombian or Salma (an Arab) he wanted Camilila his taste tends to run to dark skinned women and their mixed race children are cute. The Jolie-Ritt twins are white and blond not Levi and Vida.

    • Beatrice

      Or a beauty like Paula Patton, Laura London or Leila Lopes Miss Universe.

    • Anonymous

      I always thought Salma Hyak was Mexican, not Arab.

      • theworldisgoingmad

        You thought wrong.

  • Amber

    They don’t look white and blond the look biracial.

  • Lola

    You americans are so racist… The kids are beatifull.

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