Happy 13th Birthday Presley Gerber!

Name: Presley Walker Gerber

Date of Birth: July 2, 1999

Parents: Cindy Crawford & Rande Gerber

Siblings: Kaia, 10


♥ Presley was born in Brentwood, Calif. via a home birth

♥ He weighed 8-lbs & 4 oz at birth and measured 20 inches long

♥ Presley was born with a full head of brown hair

♥ His mother was in labor for 17 hours before he was born


♥ “I asked Rande if the baby’s name has something to do with Elvis, and Rande told me, ‘No, Ma, Presley was [Elvis’s] last name. Presley is Presley’s first name.’ The name popped up, and they kept going back to it.” – paternal grandmother Ellen Peckman on the meaning behind her grandson’s name.

♥ “Their life is certainly different than my life was as a kid, but they don’t really want a lot. We live in Malibu, which to some people who have never been here, it sounds very fancy, but it’s actually like a small town. They’re happy being outside, and my son is in the water every day after school. It’s not this decadent, luxurious lifestyle.” – Cindy on raising her two children.

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  • Ella

    They both look like girls.

  • Anonymous

    What picture are u looking at? I see a father and his son.

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