Lily-Rose Depp: Shoppin’ With Pals

Lily-Rose Depp and her friends went shopping at Target in Hollywood, Calif. on Sunday (July 1). The 13-year-old daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis – was accompanied by a bodyguard.

Lily looked in good spirits besides having her parents making headlines daily regarding stories of their split. Her brother Jack, 10, wasn’t with them.

According to E! News Johnny is on location near Moab, Utah filming The Lone Ranger. He’s also reportedly dating Amber Heard – who starred in The Rum Diaries.

In mid June Depp’s rep made a statement that the couple “have amicably separated. Please respect their privacy and, more importantly, the privacy of their children.”



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Photo credit: AKM-GSI

  • Anonymous

    Little girls dress like such whores nowadays.

    • jesse

      Exactly you can see her bra and she’s 13 years old something is very wrong about that!

  • Marfle

    Her body is kinda weird. It looks tiny, but with long legs, and yet she’s still petite.

  • Bedel

    Ugh! Who let her out of the house like that! My daughters will not be wearing shorts that short and tops that tiny when they become that age. Teach your daughters some self respect.

  • Anonymous

    She’s going to have enough attention because of who she is and shouldn’t dress like that to draw more attention. I guess her mother is too wrapped up in her break up with Johnny that she doesn’t care how she dresses. It’s also a shame that a 13 year old needs a bodyguard to go to Target.

    • Anonymouse

      No, what’s a shame is how awful some people are when they’re hidden behind computer screens. This little girl is wearing a tank top and shorts. So what?

      She doesn’t look like a whore. She doesn’t look like she has no self-respect. She doesn’t look like her parents are neglecting her.

      What the hell is wrong with you people?????

      • Anonymous

        A tank top and shorts…that are each about 2 sizes too small for her.

  • Daniella

    Wow, not even the girls I go to college with dress like that, and we’re all between 18 & 22 years old! I understand it’s hot out & I’d see nothing wrong with Lily-Rose being dressed like that near the beach or the pool, but in a regular department store? No way, especially since photographs of these children get plastered all over the place. That’d make me extremely nervous as a mother or father to have my 13-year-old so exposed in a photo for all the world to see.

  • lizzie

    I think the French are perfectly ok with dressing little girls up like much older women – they think it’s ‘sophisticated’. I think it’s just sad – and potentially dangerous.

    • Talula

      All the french are not like you describe them , i am french and i won’t let my girl dress up like this

  • Julianna

    Why does she always wear the same clothes??

    • KatieG

      “always” How many pictures of this child have you seen that you can conclude that she “always” wears the same clothes?

      • reini

        well, this is the second time I have see her dressed like that……

      • Anon

        There have been other pics of her wearing tube tops. She is dressed like this all the time.

  • Sam

    Why does it matter how she dresses? If she’s comfortable in them, that’s all that matters. Are you saying she should be at fault if she’s assaulted, simply because of her clothing? It’s the summer time – do you expect her to wear a snowsuit?

    Lily-Rose is a gorgeous young woman.

    • Daniella

      First off, she’s a 13-year-old girl, not a young woman yet. Her parents are still responsible for what she wears/purchases. I’m a 21-year-old college girl, so I know how most of us 25-and-under girls are dressing & most of us would not dress like this anywhere other than the pool, beach, or a party. I’m totally comfortable in a bikini, but would I wear that in a department or grocery store? Hell no, that’s not appropriate dress for such a place. And assaults aren’t the problem (rapists will target any vulnerable female, no matter how they’re dressed), I just plain wouldn’t want a bunch of strangers taking pictures of my young child in clothes like that & posting them on the internet. And at only 13 years old, her parents can still influence or say no to what she wears out & about.

      Wow, I’m a college student who has more sense than adults. That’s kinda….sad.

      • Sam

        Daniella, I’m a 19 year old college student and her outfit looks perfectly fine to me. It’s the summer time, so there’s no wonder why she isn’t wearing layers. She’s wearing a shirt and shorts – there is nothing wrong with that.

        And you people who throw around the word “slutty” disgust me. How dare you police the sexuality (whether it exists or not) of a 13-year-old? Why on earth would you place such horrible labels on someone who’s walking around and minding her own business?

        • S.C.

          Maybe the people commenting see this as an accident waiting to happen…Because if you live in this world with crazy unpredictable weirdos and perverts, common sense should tell you to be a little smarter and not invite attention that you might not appreciate… yes, her mom or dad SHOULD have an opinion and advice about her clothing choices.

        • Daniella

          Maybe because I’m a self-defense & combatives instructor on a large university campus who has seen & heard way too many horrible stories from young girls & women over the last 3 years. In no way am I saying that sexualizing a young girl is okay (I specifically stated that rapists will target anyone given the opportunity), but there are a LOT of disgusting, pathetic & very unpredictable perverts out there. And given her age & who her parents are, it’s almost a given that one of those loonies will see her pictured in these clothes & if I was one of her parents, that would very greatly concern me. Be realistic, the world is not always a nice or fair place & it’s the job of her parents to help guide & protect their 13-year-old daughter from poor decisions, including in her wardrobe.

          • Julianna

            Oh my gosh ! you are all so dramatic. I was just wondering why , since it’s like the fourth time i see her on the same clothes, what is weird. How she looks with her clothes is not my problem, and judging her either. I only was curious , that’s it. Its funny how she’s judged as if everyone else was perfect , and how she is defended as if you actually know her or really care about her.

  • Anonymous

    She looks like she’s trying to be stylish… until you see that sock/shoe combination…

  • Avi

    Don’t be judgemental with her! she’s a young girl and she has the right to be and dress how she wants! and if you don’t like it, then don’t look at her pictures…she isn’t asking for your “attention” (or media), she just happen to be the daughter of very famous people!!

  • Anabelle

    Adorable little girl (but, of course, she has good genes!), but she’s a 13-yr-old with the face of a 9-yr-old and the dress sense of a slutty 16-yr-old. Potentially very dangerous, especially in this day and age where that picture is now all over the internet for dirty old men to get their hands on.

  • Juliet

    She definitely dresses a little older for her age, like a 16/17 year old, but she doesn’t look like a slut.

  • ElizabethL

    She does look slutty for a child. What is her dad thinking? Once he said he would wait at the door with a shotgun waiting for the boys to line up. I guess he is too busy with his life now to be bothered to protect his children. Her mother lived with a middle aged man when she was just a little older so no big surprise there.

  • Mlya

    she has AMAZING genes, yes looks younger than her age which will be great later in life, however she is INDEED dressed slutty, she is probably too naive to know lots of pervertedmen willlook at her in the worst ways. Poor girl, but she is really cute just cover up alittle more ok?

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous – you obviously don’t have children and if you do I feel sorry for them. But then again, just by the post you left you have to be about 13 years old too to get all upset about the posts other people left because you probably dress the same way.

  • light

    she is beautiful and has bad time these days .I hope her parent come back together. I hope the best for their family .

  • Elle

    ‘was accompanied by a bodyguard.’ Sad she can’t just hang out with her friends alone. Especially in this difficult time with her parents breaking up.

  • anon

    My daughter is 12 and it is possible to buy shorts and tank tops that aren’t as revealing as what Lily Rose wears. I’ve seen photos of this kid with her butt hanging out…That’s just inappropriate. And it sickens me that people would actually say she’s dressed ok.

    She even posted a photo on her twitter of her wearing a short strapless dress with cut outs on the sides under her breasts. She was also wearing platform heels. That made me lose all respect for Johnny Depp. Him and Vanessa need their asses kicked.

  • Jen

    I agree with most of the posts. She is only 13 years old and she always wears short booty shorts, a tube top and hose and heels or something very similar. It is way too provocative for a young child to dress like this. It sends all the wrong signals to every man who is looking at her, not to mention all of the men all over the world who have a computer!Johnny Depp should pay more attention to his daughter , she’s looking alot like his girlfriend these days. Or mabey that is her plan, so Daddy will pay some attention to her!

  • jed

    This is not just one slip up, she always dresses like a hooker! Every damn pic of this child is a pedophiles dream cumm true! mabey Johnny Depp should stop chasing bisexual 20 year olds and Olsen twins and pay more attention to his little girl. She is obviously a little child that is trying her best to get her fathers attention. It makes me sick!

  • Ash

    In one pic, she’s wearing those white lingerie stocking stay ups, with the lace on top…and you can see the lace…and a mini skirt and a small tank top. Really, I don’t think she’s dressing older. No 20 year old dresses like that in broad daylight, or even at night. I don’t understand what this is supposed to suggest, aside from sex. Why does she want to dress this way? I’ve heard her mom was nude as a teen in some movie, so maybe she wants to follow in her footsteps. It’s very slutty, though. I hate to use the word, but it’s not classy.

  • Will

    sie sollte ihre süssen Tittchen mal ohne BH zeigen!

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