Claire Danes & Hugh Dancy Expecting First Child

Congratulations are in order for Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy!

The My So-Called Life alum, 33, and her actor-model husband, 37, are expecting their first child, PEOPLE reports. 

“There’s definitely a chance, no plans yet,” Claire said last fall when asked about plans for a baby. “But yeah, that’d be fun.”

The couple wed in a private ceremony in France in 2009.

The actress’ pregnancy is not expected to impact the production of season two of her hit show Homeland, which premieres on Showtime September 30.


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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised she’s even mensruating enough to get pregnant.

    • Anonymous

      Speculating on the menstrual cycle of a complete stranger. How classy!

    • Rosy

      Because that’s such a normal comment to make…

    • anon.

      Bizarre, inaccurate and inappropriate comment. She has always looked perfectly healthy and normal – unlike certain other celebs (cough, cough, Rachel Zoe)

    • Anonymous is an Idiot

      Well, clearly our Anonymous poster can’t stand the fact that there are all kinds on the planet: fat, skinny, and everything in between.

      Claire Danes has always looked great and her body size works for her. Jealousy is an ugly thing, my friend.

      • anon.

        As everyone on this site is “anonymous” – whether they use that handle or something else – which commenter are you referring to. I’m assuming it’s the original.

        • Anon2

          The reply was to the original Anonymous, so… duh.

  • Matilda

    What kind of comment is that? I suggest you be quiet unless you have something nice to say.

    Congratulations to Claire and Hugh, I wish them the best of luck!

  • jen

    Congratulations Claire and Hugh. What a great couple. I wish them a happy and healthy pregnancy.

  • Iris

    Wow, congrats! They are a cute couple, best of luck tot them!

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