Guess Who Revealed: Sophie Lane Nolte

It’s Sophie Lane Nolte!

Warrior star Nick Nolte, 71, was spotted with his adorable 4-year-old daughter at the Cross Creek shopping center in Malibu, Calif. on Sunday (July 3). Sophie’s mother is Nick’s longtime partner, Clytie Lane.

Nick is also dad to 26-year-old son Brawley with ex-wife, Rebecca Linger.

Watch for Nick to light up the big screen later this year in his latest film, Ganger Squad, costarring Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Sean Penn, and Josh Brolin.

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  1. arabella

    nick nolte daughter shanti

  2. Jennifer Redgrave

    One of Dave Grohl’s daughters.

  3. joy

    i don’t know whose son she is but she looks alot like darryl hannah

  4. joy

    *oops* daughter
    (and she sure is cute!)

  5. May

    I have no idea. She has gorgeous eyes, though. Her outfit on the other hand… sucks.

  6. anonymous

    arabella is correct… that’s Shanti. She’s so beautiful!

  7. Nicolle

    Nick Nolte’s daughter Shanti. Soo adorable 🙂

  8. madylane

    Nick Nolte”s little girl. She is a stunner!

  9. casey

    Nick Nolte’s daughter Sophie

  10. Noneedtoknow

    It is Nick Nolte’s daughter.. Sophie…Very cute

  11. GiantsGal

    Not sure who she is, but I swear I had pants just like those back in the 70’s!

  12. Anonymous

    She looks like Ethan Hawke’s younger daughter to me.

  13. Sophia

    My first thought was Nick Nolte’s youngest… sure enough, according to past photos, it appears to be Miss Sophie Lane Nolte. I saw a few commenters calling her Shanti, and I remember that being announced as her name when she was born too, but Wikipedia says Sophie. Anyone know which is right?

  14. Mlya

    HES 71??? with a 4 year old, so he will never see her graduate or anything, wow why do all these old ass men have kids when they are seniors??? really unfair to the kids.

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