Jessica Simpson: “Hope Everyone Had A Great 4th!”

Proud parents Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson posed for a family photo with their 2-month-old daughter Maxwell Drew at an Independence Day party.

In the sweet snapshop new mom Jessica tweeted Thursday night, Maxwell looked adorable in patriotic sleepers. “Hope everyone had a great 4th!” the Fashion Star mentor, who was dressed in stars, wrote.

Since welcoming her first child on May 1, Jess said “life has completely changed.”

“I absolutely love my family,”she said. “Maxwell amazes Eric and I every day with every little thing she does!”

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Photo credit: Twitter

  • leni

    this baby is huge, looks more like a 5 month old

  • Anonymous

    The baby looks like a Maxwell Drew.

  • anon

    Jess is so pretty without (or little) makeup.

  • Lolo

    She is a big baby! My first son was kind of the same way but he evened out and now he is a skinny little toddler and quite tall for his age. I love how motherhood can change a person…in Jessica’s case her happiness always IMO had an air of fakeness to it like she was forcing it….after baby it really seems genuine, good for her!

  • Janna

    She really is big, but beautiful. Nice family portrait, too!

  • sarah

    Anyone else think that Maxwell looks like Tony Roma? LOL I know it’s not his baby but I think this particular shot of Maxwell looks like him.

  • Anabelle

    lol. Such an ugly baby! But my little cousin started off ugly and when he hit 6 months he turned into one of the most gorgeous babies around, and now, aged 11, he still is gorgeous. x

    • Anonymous

      This is the third comment today where you have a called a child or infant ugly.

      What the hell is wrong with you????

      • gogogo

        I know right, she is such a ray of sun…

      • Mimi

        Some babies are ugly. Anabelle can state her opinion. I happen to agree that this is one ugly kid!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it’s the angle of the shot… Eric is looking a little larger than usual himself.

  • Anonymous

    Doctors will say that breast fed babies are skinny and formula fed babies tend to put on more weight than usual but there is nothing wrong with babies being a little bigger than usual as long as it’s not a un-healthy weight gain

  • Anonymous

    Their baby is such a cutie

  • Mimi

    That baby daddy looks like Tori Spelling’s husband.

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