Snooki: “Jionni Takes Care Of Me Like A Parent”

Mom-to-be Snooki knows that her fiance Jionni LaValle will be a great parent. After all, he’s got plenty of experience.

“He takes care of me like a parent, and that’s what I need,” the reality star tells US. “The other day he told me to clean up around the house and I was like, ‘OK, Dad.'”

Snooki says that her beau also makes sure she’s eating well – especially now that she’s eating for two!

“This morning he made me a to-go oatmeal thing with a note: ‘This is for Junior. Eat up. Love you.'”

Though the 24-year-old’s hard-partying ways are well-known, Snooki insists she’s ready to move on: “I don’t regret my partying or getting blacked out,” she says. “It was awesome! But now it is time to be a parent.”

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  • SMH

    Maybe she needs a parent. Everytime I hear her speak I think a 12 year old girl is speaking!

  • Anonymous

    How tall is he? 5’0?

    • B

      She’s 4 ’10 and wearing what looks like 3 inch thick shoes so he’s probably 5 ‘5 at most.

  • Alexa

    If you feel the need to still have someone treat you as a child, do you think it is in the best interest for your child? Team work is great, but judging from this clip of an interview (which I know always has limits), I think it is time to start acting responsible for yourself so that you can be responsible for someone else.

  • Anonymous

    How dose she think that’s ok or sounds cute? someone needs to tell her it’s time to grow the h*ll up. The relationship sounds toxic and not going to end well it never dose in those types of relationships that poor baby.

  • justme

    This poor kid has no chance of being average height

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Jionni will soon have 2 kids to take care of… poor guy.

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