Happy 5th Birthday Estela Monteverde!

Name: Estela Ines Monteverde

Date of Birth: July 11, 2007

Parents: Ali Landry & Alejandro Monteverde

Siblings: Marcelo, 9 months


♥ Estela weighed 8 lbs & 2 oz at birth

♥ She reportedly speaks both English and Spanish


♥ “Right now she is in the total princess mode. It’s making me crazy a little bit. She wakes up in the morning and puts on the crazy Disney princess dresses and gowns and wants the glittery shoes. She wears it all day long! If they’re dirty and in the hamper, she wants to get them out. It’s funny because we don’t go around saying ‘You’re such a little princess.’ We can’t call her any other name but Princess Estela.” – Ali on her then 3-year-old daughter’s Disney obsession.

♥ “I was nursing, I was tired. I had no desire to go to the gym. For the first two years of her life, Estela was my focus. I didn’t care so much about being in perfect shape.” – Ali on her first born daughter.

♥ “Estela loves learning about bugs (she’s always digging around for new species to show me — ick!), and she spends a lot of time practicing her cartwheels. She is super excited to start kindergarten in the fall and she has gotten very much into her role of big sister now that Marcelo is alert and able to interact with her. She adores singing to him and playing with him, and I have to say the adoration is mutual.” – Ali on her daughter.



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