Tori Spelling’s Comeback Kid

Tori Spelling has shared another of Liam’s witty quips on Posted on Wednesday (July 11) – she tells the story of when she was trying to get him ready for bedtime.

Tori writes: “A few nights ago it was getting late and it was almost the kids’ bedtime – okay, that’s a fib. In theory, it was almost their bedtime, but since summer vacation started they’ve been pushing to stay up later and later and, being a working mom, I have to admit I enjoy my evenings with them. So, I might be at fault for not enforcing a stricter summer bedtime…”

She continues to describe Liam as having a lot of energy.

“Anyway, it was getting late and Liam was not winding down from his day. He was super-hyper. Borderline crazy pants, hopping all over the place. Finally, I said “Liam, it’s time to settle down now,” and he turned and shrugged and said ‘Mom, this body has a mind of its own!’ Wow! I had to turn away to hide my smile. At 5 he was already learning witty comeback answers!”

Can’t wait to hear what younger siblings Hattie, 9 months, and Stella, 4, have to say in the near future! Meanwhile the pregnant mom has expressed her own opinion on wearing bikinis.

She recently told Celebuzz, “Preggers deserve to sit poolside too! I think the pregnant body is beautiful and not something to be embarrassed by or hidden away.”




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  • Eva

    I’m sure she thinks it is really cute now, but when he’s 15 and still giving her the same lip, she may not find it as charming.

  • Anonymous9

    Tori got a job? Maybe her husband could get one, too.

  • DoesntMatter

    Thats actually funny. My 5 year old daughter is the same way, i’m glad she has a mind of her own but ultimately she knows who the BOSS is lol…. finally Tori shares an appropriate story 🙂

  • Our children are a blessing and everything they say is precious to us! I love the fact that Liam is witty! Even when he’s 15. Tory and Dean are great parents!

  • Anon

    Working mom? What exactly does she do….?

  • P!nk

    Why should her husband get a job when he can continue to live off of her?

  • Angela

    She’s a working Mom??? Who knew …

  • Elizabeth

    She plans weddings, Parties, films tv shows, does appearances, writes books, raises 3 kids under 5, designs clothes and jewelry… but no shes not a working mom? I bet you guys work harder than her right?

  • Tori Lozada

    I love how you say that Dean is living off of his wife Tori when in fact he does provide. He is an actor he has acted in 75 different things. He also helps Tori with her stuff like the wedding planning show they had together.

  • anonymous

    Let’s set the record straight: Tori does NOT design clothing anymore; her children’s clothing line went bankrupt as reported in the business section of the newspaper, she does NOT plan weddings, that show was canceled mid-season, she hires a party planner to do her decorations and baking as shown on her TV show, and most of Dean’s acting gigs occurred when he was married to his previous wife…remember “reality TV” is suppose to be real and not “acted out.” So again, what do these two people do for a living except hawk their personal lives for tabloid fodder?

  • anonymous

    That kid is such a BRAT!

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