Bill Rancic Dishes On Upcoming Baby Plans

Bill Rancic has revealed the baby boy he and Giuliana are expecting in August will be born in Colorado.

He told US Weekly, “We’re kind of in rush mode! The baby won’t be born in L.A., he’ll be born in Colorado. So we’re going to go from Colorado to Chicago and then spend September and October in Chicago. And then we’ll come back to the West Coast.”

The 41-year-old added that they’re also getting their new house in L.A. ready.

“We found a great house. It’s in the final stages of construction so I’m there every day getting that finished. So we hope to be moving in the next three weeks. We have everything [for the nursery] but it’s just kind of sitting there waiting to be put in. The nursery’s ready to go! So we just have to get the house finished.”

Chicago is the city where the couple plan to expand their RPM restaurant business as well.  RPM Steak is set to open early 2013.

He revealed, “We opened RPM Italian at the beginning of this year and we’re having a lot of fun and really enjoying it. So we decided we’d open another one called RPM Steak. It’s going to be in Chicago as well. It’ll be about two blocks from RPM Italian, and then we’re eyeing Vegas for the next RPM! We’re pretty psyched about it. We’re just growing the family!”

Soon after their son arrives via gestational surrogate – the newborn will be traveling on a bus.

“I’ve got a tour bus taking us from Denver to Chicago,” he explains. “Everyone is pumped! Not just our family but so many people. We’re so lucky. So many people have been pulling for us and following our journey. This has all been magical for us.”



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Good for them! I hope they know when the baby comes they will not have time to do all that other stuff.. I think Guilianas in for a rude awakening lol so happy for them!


I totally agree! She is in for a rude awakening. I love this couple and watch their show but their lives and schedules make me exhausted just watching them. I can’t imagine doing it with a baby….but I wish them nothing but luck!


Sure they will. They have plenty of money for a couple traveling nannies.


People without children have no idea… And being pregnant also confronts you with your limits in energy and so on, so it’s understandable.


Plus it’s like, do you need to tell the press every little thing you’re doing…c’mon.



Why are they giving a monthly Play out on where they are going to be over the next few months ?

Someone what the paparazzi to know we’re they going to be.


Does anyone really care what they do or where they are? why do they provide so many details of their life. No one cares.

And after everything they have gone through, you would think that they would slow down and spend time at home with their newborn baby, good grief.


omg exactly!!