Rachel Zoe & Skyler: Malibu Fun

Forget walking…here comes the next Sk8er boi!

Looks like Skyler’s picking up a new method of transportation. Rachel Zoe was photographed as she taught her little guy some balancing techniques on a skateboard they borrowed from a local boy while visiting the Cross Creek Mall in Malibu, Calif. on Wednesday (July 11).

The 1-year old tot – who looked adorable in his khaki/white outfit and brown fedora – had fun skating and making his stylish mama chase him as he ran around the mall.

The pair were spotted a few times in the following days while out and about in Malibu – both wearing trendy outfits and big smiles. Skyler even checked out the fish pond as they left Coogie’s Beach Café on Friday.

Skyler’s papa Rodger Berman was not with the family during the outings.

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI


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  1. Rachel

    He is so darn cute and such a happy baby! Everytime we see him he is always smiling and having fun. Must have a great happy life!

  2. Ray

    I hate how she always shows him off… He’s a kid not a doll…

    • Anonymous9

      And if she let the nanny carry him around, or you never saw him at all, you’d complain about that, too. Oh, she’s a terrible mom cause she leaves him at home all the time, the nanny is raising him and she leaves him for months at a time or, oh, she must be a terrible mom, she plays with her kid in public. The horror.

  3. Lila

    Maybe it’s just my computer or maybe it’s just weird lighting in that picture, but her face in the main (first) picture looks extremely photoshopped. I know it’s her because of the second picture, but it just looks really weird. But on another note Skyler is just the most adorable little boy ever!

  4. Holly

    How does she get him to keep a hat on, is what I want to know??

    • Kim

      Some kids just like hats. If they don’t, they let you know right away and the only way to get them to wear one is to tie it on. My son was 13 months old and enjoyed his ball cap (still does). My daughter always threw hers. It’s the kid, not the technique.

  5. Lin

    Their family photo album must look like an issue of Vogue magazine

  6. Popsykl

    he sure is a beautiful little boy……..absolutely gorgeous 🙂

  7. NYC Mommy

    It looks like every day out for this family is a photo op. Who borrows a skateboard from local boys to let PAPS take picture of your toddler on it? just strange like her style.

  8. Tiffany

    Why does she insist on dressing that child like an 60 year old fat guy?

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