Giveaway: Mabel’s Labels Back To School Family Pack (Value: $211.90)

Mabel’s Labels is the maker of fun and durable labels for the stuff kids lose. Parents find Mabel’s Labels useful, and kids love the personalized fun colors and icons, including the new TWEEN Labels.

We are giving away a Mabel’s Labels’ Back to School Family Pack to 1 lucky reader! This prize package includes:

2 big kaboodles ($48 each): With its huge range of durable, waterproof labels and tags, The Big Kaboodle has your busy kids covered, whether at school, camp, after-school activities, or daycare.

  • 30 Sticky Labels
  • 12 Shoe Labels
  • 2 Teeny Tags
  • 40 Iron-on labels; or
  • 70 Tag Mates™

2 sets bag tags ($21 each): Bag Tags are sturdy, waterproof metal tags for items such as backpacks, sporting equipment, luggage and more.

2 sets media labels ($15.95 each): Ensure belongings are returned with these stylish, versatile labels. Whether used as bookplates or to identify DVDs, video games and other electronic gadgets, they’ll help keep precious stuff safe while adding a touch of Mabel flair.

2 sets tween($21 each): Identify with style! These beautifully personalized, shaped labels are designed especially for big kids – whatever their ages! Use them wherever you’d use our waterproof Sticky Labels – they’re just as durable. Available in two themes, each featuring a variety of fun designs and fonts. (Total Value $ 211.90)

One Easy Way to Enter: Leave a comment here with a valid email address (will not be published). Please state your favorite Mabel’s Labels item the comments below. One winner will be chosen at random at the end of the contest. One entry per person, per day.

This contest ends Friday, July 20th at 7:00 pm EST. This contest is open to Canada & US residents! Good luck! *contest rules*

Congratulations to the winner of our Orbit Baby giveaway: adfrau!


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  • Zai Ren

    I like the iron-ons clothing labels

  • JLin

    I like the Tag Mates

  • Wei

    bag tags

  • Alicyn

    I like the bag tags. Will come in handy when carting around all that sporting equipment.

  • jeannine s

    I love the bag tags. No worries about losing them

  • Debby

    I love the tag mates. Well actually, I love all the Mabel’s Labels.

  • Sara

    Love Tag Mates – they stick on EVERYTHING!!

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  • D Schmidt

    My favorite item from Mabel’s Labels is the Teeny Tags

  • Renee

    Love the tween labels! So fun!

  • Sonja Seguin

    I love the teeny tags! Awesome!

  • Kerry

    I really like the ballet slippers icon and the tag mates labels.

  • I like the Bag Tags

  • Keltie

    I love the TagMates. Aside from clothing, I use them on Leapster games, my son’s lunch kit utensils, toys, stuffies, etc. They are so easy and fast to use.

  • alyssa

    I love the tag mates and the skinny minis.

  • cara robbins

    I love the Sticky labels, just got some for my sons first time at daycare!

  • Tara C

    i love the bag tags!! thunt1231@gmail(dot)com

  • Anonymous10

    The StickyLabels are great! Wonderful giveaway! Thanks!

  • Renett

    I have 7 year old with ADHD who will often lose his sweaters so the Tagmates are a must have.

  • Heather Jones

    I love all the items. It is great to label everything for school easily and not worry my son’s items will be lost!

  • Brandy

    I like the clothing labels best.

  • Arlene S.

    The iron ons for sure! When my daughter goes to preschool, we will need to make sure that we label EVERYTHING! This is a great giveaway, guys, thanks for the chance to win these!

  • Jennyroo

    Love the bag tags! They look cool, they’re metal-tough, and they do the job of keeping my kids’ backpacks NOT LOST!

  • Marney

    I love, love, love the tagmates!! They are so easy to use and handy for labeling EVERYTHING my son wears when he leaves the house for school.

  • Jen L

    I like the bag tags.

  • Denise

    All the labels look like must haves. I can’t wait for the lunch labels for my daughter’s reusable containers. I love that they are wash proof!

  • Leeanna

    I love the Tag Mates! Super helpful for making sure jackets don’t get lost at preschool!

  • rachel s.

    I like the Tag Mates!

  • jeannine s

    I love the teeny tags also

  • Hilary Liston

    I love the bag tags!

  • sandra

    i like The Big Kaboodle

  • Kerry

    My favorite is the tag mates. I put one on my sons swimming goggles, and they have stuck there for about a year now!

  • Amanda

    the tag mates! they definitely seem the most fun

  • Keltie

    I love the shoe labels. It makes it so easy for my son to find his shoes at daycare and at school.

  • Arlene S.

    I love the labels for clothes. I could see Liliana needing them for preschool. What a great product!

  • Nancy Schwartz

    I love the iron-on labels! Perfect for my twin nieces when they head to daycare!

  • Iris

    The iron ons would be amazing. These would prevent all of the missing uniform sweaters from being permanently lost.

  • Abby V

    My favorite are the iron on labels

  • Audrey B

    Love the new tween labels, with the stickers for water bottles and all the things you don’t think of, the tag mates are great and lotsa designs to choose from for the younger kids, i like the rocket ship or pirate ship designs too!

  • Christina

    Love love love Tag mates, They Rock! My daughter loves the iron on labels .

  • Stephanie Bondlow

    I love Tag mates. I would have a less chaotic life with those.

  • Jennyroo

    Love the bag tags! They look cool, they’re metal-tough, and they do the job of keeping my kids’ backpacks NOT LOST!

  • Kerry

    The Mabels Labels bag tags are great for attaching to backpacks and lunch bags.

  • Keltie

    even though I don’t think they sell them anymore, I love the Mom cards. They’re perfect for leaving with parents when I drop my son off at a birthday party.

  • jeannine s

    love the iron on labels

  • Jennyroo

    Love the sticky labels! We put them on the kids’ water bottles and sports equipment so there is no confusion (or germ sharing, yuck!) in the field!

  • sandra

    i love the tag mates

  • Kellie

    I love the tween pack!

  • Lien

    I like the waterproof label.

  • Priya Ramki

    I like the bag tags

  • Dee

    I love the tag mates, very handy!

  • Chelsey

    My favorites are the “Write Away” labels.

  • Irina

    I like the tag mates.

  • Danielle Mitchell

    I like the iron on tags!

  • Arlene S.

    Love the iron on labels, it will be perfect for my munchkin’s preschool clothes! but all of the pieces are rad!!!

  • jeannine s

    Love the bag tags!

  • Sara

    I love the skinny minis

  • sandra

    i love the shoe labels

  • Keltie

    I love the Bag Tags. They’re perfect for my son’s backpack, his lunch kit and even his case for his Leapster Explorer. I love that I can reuse the, on multiple products.

  • Kerry

    I love so many of the Mabels Labels items. The tag mates are great for labels not only cloths, but toys and glasses too. Just to name a few. 🙂

  • Brandy

    I also love the bag tags

  • Felicia

    I like the bag tags

  • jeanne conner

    I like the clothes labels the best..

  • Samyra

    I like the bag tags

  • Jennyroo

    The sticky labels are the best! We put them on the kids’ water bottles and sports equipment so there is no confusion (or germ sharing, yuck!) in the field!

  • Alexandra Roach

    I love the tag mates and I also love your blog layout. Thanks!!

  • Tara Oliver

    I love the iron-on labels!

  • Brandy

    Bag tags would be so great, too!

  • sandra

    i love the iron-on labels

  • Keltie

    I love the good old Sticky Labels. I use them on almost anything and everything and they are so durable.

  • Jennyroo

    Love the sticky labels! We put them on water bottles that go to daycare every day. They have been washed a thousand times and have never even started to peel a smidge!

  • meme

    I love the bag tags. this set would be so helpful

  • Felicia

    I love the bag tags

  • Jennyroo

    Love the sticky labels! We put them on sporting equipment (baseball bats, batting helmets, skating helmets, skates) so finding our stuff is never a problem. They haven’t peeled a bit!

  • Kellie

    I love these!!!

  • Miranda

    I love the Allergy Alerts Labels because 2 of our 3 sons has food allergies and this would be really helpful.

  • Gen

    I love the Tag mates. They are so versatile, stick to anything you need and small enough to ‘hide’


  • Arlene S.

    THANK YOU CBS!!! Lots of labels for my 2 kids, and we love them!

  • Love mabel tags it make my family life easier.

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