Katie Holmes & Suri Visit Pups In NYC

Katie Holmes took Suri  to look at puppies in New York City on Saturday (July 14). The pair – along with their friends  – walked straight past protestors and into Citipup.

According to the NY Daily News – Suri became sad when mom put her foot down from buying a pooch.

Katie – who has primary custody of Suri – has enrolled the 6-year-old at Convent of the Sacred Heart Catholic School. She will start on September 6.

Eonline.com reports the school has a $38,000-a-year tuition and requires students to attend Mass every Thursday. Lady Gaga, Jordana Brewster, Nicky Hilton and Caroline Kennedy have been past attendees.



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Photo credit: FameFlynet/INFphoto.com

  • Anonymous

    Who is that little girl they’re photographed with all the time now?

    • NYC Mommy

      I have actually seen that girl with them before the split so she is not new friend just seems to be spending more time with Suri now.

    • May

      I think she’s the daughter of the ‘Yang’ part of Katie’s clothing line.

  • Anonymous

    Must be nice just roaming around the city all day, never having to work.

    • Anon

      Wah. Wah. Wah. Poor Anonymous.

  • Katie’s own website

    No you did not see that Asian girl.. Just when Katie joined the catholic church.. Now
    This is what being followed means! Never did we see Suri being followed like this!
    The catholic church are the one following Katie and Suri! She was never followed
    By Scientology! Show her in the car ! And seeing how Katie is promoting the puppy
    Store with the cutest dogs,

    • NYC Mommy

      Katie’s own website- I acutally am pretty sure I have seen that child in the past with Suri (I thought she reminded me of Gosselin girls)… That being said, you may know more than me since your name seems to indicate your obession with the situation. Also, so now we start to bash the Catholic Church (that did not take long). I am sure the Catholic Church has better things to do than follow Katie Holmes. That is utter nonsense. Perhaps your name should be “Representing Tom Cruise/Scienctology”

    • ryann

      that girl is katie’s business partner’s daughter. I’ve seen them together many many times.

      • NYC Mommy

        Ryann- I knew I was not crazy. Thanks for clarification.

      • Juliet

        Oh yeah! That’s one of Jeanne Yang’s twins. I knew she looked familiar.

  • Anonymous

    They sell puppies in New York? Our city banned puppies and kittens from being sold at pet stores years ago yet I’ve always considered NYC to be more progressive. We can still get puppies from breeders, which is far more humane than from a puppy mill.

    • NYC Mommy

      Our Mayor is too busy banning 32oz soft drinks all all NYC restaurants to worry about puppy mills. He cant even be bothered to address spike in shootings this summer.

      • rme

        @nycmommy are we supposed to feel sorry for you that you might actually have to get up and get a refill on that obscenely large cup of sugar you’re shoveling down your throat?

        • Anonymous

          If that’s how your feeble mind interpreted her comment then I feel sorry for you.

  • Melissa

    Is that a pascifier in her mouth? What would be the appropriate age to stop the pascifier?

    • Anon

      First of all, it’s pacifier not pascifier.

      Second of all: Where the hell do you even see one?!?!?

      • Melissa

        Lol…it was her chin and thanks for the spelkcheck

  • SMH

    Good for you Katie!

    Don’t breed or buy while shelter animals die!!!

    adopt adopt adopt!!!

    • Anonymous

      I am 100% for adoption as well, but I doubt she didn’t buy the puppy just bc she thought it was wrong to do so from a store. She probably just didn’t want one.

  • KLee

    I feel bad for Suri in a way, since there is so much papparrazzi around her even more lately. She seems shy as is and she may be used to it, but still…thats a lot of pics for a child, esp one who is going through a tough time like this. 🙁

  • aliby

    Did anyone else notice that Suris dress is see through?I wonder if they know that or not..

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