Tom Cruise Smiles With Suri

A ringless Tom Cruise was all smiles with his daughter Suri in New York City on Tuesday afternoon (July 17). The 6-year-old girl clung to her daddy as they left their hotel and arrived at Chelsea Piers for gymnastics class.

Wearing a bright orange dress and carrying a stuffed animal, Suri kept her face hidden as the actor protectively carried her past the crowds and the paparazzi. The Top Gun star sported a casual T-shirt, aviator shades and jeans.

Earlier in the day, we spotted the father-daughter duo reunited for the first time in weeks. “Tom looked really happy,” an observer said. Another source said, ”He’s been dying to see her.”

Cruise finished shooting his latest movie, Oblivion, on Sunday in California. He learned of Holmes’ divorce filing while shooting the same film on location in Iceland and has not seen Suri in person since mid-June.

Holmes has been granted primary custody of Suri, but Cruise will “be with her whenever he can,” said a source.

They are said to be working on their co-parenting strategies.

“They both know they are going to have to make decisions together regarding Suri for many, many years,” said the source. “And they know she loves both her parents.”

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Photo credit: FameFlynet/Bauer Griffin/Pacific Coast News


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  1. mee

    The really CREEPY thing is…there are GROWN ADULT MEN taking pictures of a 6 year old child…so what if they are papz, if this kid was not famous and they took a pic of a regular 6 year old the cops would be sicked on them immediately…leave this poor 6 YEAR OLD CHILD…alone!

  2. Marfle

    I don’t blame the papz. If Tom or more now Katie who’s got primary custody, really cared about Suri’s privacy, they wouldn’t live in a city (NY, LA) where there are more papz than anything else.

    • ellen

      Yes, Marfie you SHOULD blame the paps. Stalking, hounding, leering at and making inappropriate comments to young kids should be against the law and is absolutely shameful. I can understand the interest in a big star like Cruise, but there’s just something creepy and pervy about these men chasing after a 6 year old — especially when she is participating in a gymnastics class in a bodysuit.

  3. Anonymous

    I know this post is about Suri but how does Tom Cruise never seem to age? He looks much younger than 50. Good genes and healthy living, I guess.

  4. SMH

    I do feel bad for Suri. People wonder why she’s coddled and carried all the time and she’s probably somewhat frightened by the chaos that awaits her all the time when she leaves her house. Although I enjoy pics of celeb kids I do think there should be a law that you cannot get within so many yards of them and you must use long lenses to capture the photos. That way when the kids are out they won’t be hounded by so many strange people calling their name to get a photo! Suri just always looks scared and sad.

  5. Heather

    I agree. It is so ridiculous that they won’t give her some space when she is having her first visitation with her Dad. Give me a break, there are plenty of opportunities to snap her when she’s doing something cute or fun, or whatever it is photogs see when they see an opportun moment to capture. I’m sure she is going through such a hard and confusing time right now – it does not need to be documented for the whole world to look at.

    • NYC Mommy

      Heather, Unforunately these pictures sell for big money. Press does not care of people’s feelings never has and never will. They care about getting the scoop and making the money.

      • anon.

        It’s very disconcerting all the same – that there is a market for pictures that are taken under duress and stressful circumstances. Candid shots of celebs and their kids are one thing and it seems okay, esp. when taken with a long lens. But I’d like to meet the people who get a rise out of pictures where the child is obviously scared and distressed.

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