Teen Mom Star Farrah Abraham Opens Up About Her Relationship With Her Mom

In this week’s episode, Farrah welcomed both her sister and her mom to her new home in Florida and it wasn’t long before drama ensued. In an interview with MomFinds, Farrah opens up about why she was so annoyed and what she has to say to people who criticize her relationship with her mom, saying:

“I will say, I have love for my parents and I try to respect them. But when you’re not a respectable person, you shouldn’t expect to receive respect. Also, no one should judge when they don’t know everything about me or my parents.”

Click here to see the rest of the interview.

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Photo credit: MomFinds

  • Stephanie

    Oh gosh Farrah makes me laugh. She is rude to EVERYONE around her, not just her parents. The problem is Farrah. And you can see her very rude and negative attitude rubbing off on Sophia.

  • SMH

    HAHA I love how she’s like if you want to know the truth about my relationship just get my book. LOL eff that!!
    Maybe your parents are not parents of the year but to say they are not supportive is a load of crap!
    If I was her dad (Michael) I would of told her to move her own damn stuff to Florida!

    Farrah really needs to stop acting like the world revolves around her and she really needs to stop acting like she’s the only person whose ever been through hardships!

  • mee

    Done judge??? LOL…ok then maybe you should get your snotty ass off TV land and go back into obscurity! No one likes you Farrah, you are a horrible little brat who is spoiled and needs to get slapped. You treat your parents like dirt and they spoil your dumb ass, I hate you Farrah!

  • Laura

    She doesn’t respect her mom and dad yet manages to find them acceptable enough human beings to watch her kid every time she wants to go out, buy a new puppy, etc. Farrah, DON”T HAVE ANY MORE KIDS.

  • Alyssa

    That interview is such BS. How have her parents not supported her? If they didn’t love her and Sophia, they both would be on the streets. Instead they’ve given her one (or two, or three) beautiful homes in which to live, beautiful clothes, a college eductation, etc, etc. Sounds to me like Farrah is trapped in her teenage mindset and needs to grow up emotional. I agree that we don’t see what happens behind the cameras, but clearly they have supported Farrah and her child and do receive tremendous credit and support for that.

    BTW. Her sister just had a baby. I love that when Farrah tweeted the news she says, “my new niece loves me” HAHA…loves ME, no “she’s beautiful” or “I love her” again just ME ME MEEEEE!

  • Anonymous

    Are you people nuts? Do you know WHY she behaves the way she does? Because she was TAUGHT to behave that way. Awful mother + doormat dad = unpleasant child.

  • carmen are

    She made an ass out of hersel in Austin. Because she has gotten away with her constant rudeness by her parents, in Austin she got bit in the ass and yet STILL remains clueless as o how disgustingly narcissistic she comes across. Welcome to the reald world spoiled bitch. NOBODY will like you. Hell, she calls herself “gorgeous” and isnot even remotely “cute”. With that BIG NOSE< NO CHIN face. Keep it up Farrah, it is fun to watch you crash and burn..tee hee

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