Guess Who Revealed: Jordan Federline

It’s Jordan Kay Federline!

Victoria Prince was spotted shopping with her beautiful 11-month-old daughter in Calabasas, Calif. on Monday (July 16). Later in the week, the pretty pair were seen grabbing a quick Starbucks in the same neighborhood. 

Jordan’s father is Kevin Federline, 34, who became famous when he married pop princessBritney Spears. Now divorce from Brit, K-Fed and Victoria are happy and raising their daughter together.

Kevin is also dad to daughter Kori, nearly 10, and son Kaleb, 8, with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson. He and Britney share sons Sean Preston, nearly 7, and Jayden James, nearly 6.

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI

  • Kathryn Wernstrom

    No need to guess, that IS Harper Beckham !

    • Angela

      You are incorrect, that isn’t Harper Beckham.

  • NYC Mommy

    I believe it is the youngest of Matt Damon’s girls… just a guess but to me she definitely does not look like Harper Beckham.

    • NYC Mommy

      perhaps I am wrong since it seems that their youngest was born in 2010 so now I dont think it is Matt Damon’s youngest since this baby seems too young.

    • Lolo

      I think it may be Matt Damon’s baby as well. She looks like Matt in the eyes.

    • Angela

      I think so too, she looks like Matt Damon’s wife. Maybe the picture is a few months old?

    • Ebonita

      I agree.

  • Lorena

    Jordan Kay filha de Kevin Federline com Victoria Prince

  • Casey

    I think its Jessica Alba’s youngest daughter!

    • Elena


    • Ebonita

      She only has one sibling as far as I know.

  • Ashley

    Looks like Kevin Federline’s youngest. She has several siblings. His two with Shar and his two with Brit.

  • Alexandra

    It’s Jordan Federline ! She’s so cute

  • Anonymous

    It’s definitely Jordan Federline ! She hasn’t changed that much.

  • arabella

    Jordan kay

  • Anabelle

    My first thought was little Delilah, Kimberley Stewart and Benicio Del Toro’s daughter, but then I saw the clue is that she has lots of siblings so it’s obviously not her. So no idea who it is.

  • Jam

    This is definitely Jordan Kay!!

  • Laís

    Jordan Kay

  • Hannah.J

    My guess is it’s Kevin Federline’s youngest daughter Jordan.

  • Raybidu
  • SMIley

    i agree it with all those who say it is jordan ferderline. it is her….

  • carey

    Jessica Alba’s Baby!

  • Laura

    Hmmm….Harper Beckham or Jordan Federline

  • se

    a denmark princess

  • Angie

    I thought the website was about CELEBRITIES Babies and I don’t see Kevin Federline or Victoria Prince being celebs anywhere in the world. As far from my concern, her HALF-BROTHERS mother is a celebrity.
    But I gotta admit Kevin is good at somthing at least… he does make beautiful children.

  • Mamajosh

    Has no one else noticed that that woman looks *exactly* like Scarlett Johanssen (at least in this shot)?

  • nicole

    a little bit like Harper Seven Beckham

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