Bill Rancic: I Worried About Surrogate Smoking Crack

Bill and Giuliana Rancic – soon-to-be parents to a baby boy – are planning to spend time in Colorado in August just in case he arrives early. The couple were at the annual Vail Breast Cancer Awareness Group luncheon last week when Bill talked about their move and their surrogate.

People reports he said, “Giuliana was more concerned about the surrogate eating fried chicken. I’m not worried about her eating fried chicken – I’m worried about her smoking crack.”

The E! news anchor added, “For anyone who’s thought about surrogacy, it is scary. It’s like having a babysitter 24 hours a day for nine months.”

Bill says they feel better that the surrogate lives in Denver. He stated, “Clean living here. I felt much better. The water – everything about this state – is great.”

Their surrogate is a French former au pair in her mid 30s and has cared for children since moving to the U.S.

“It’s a tremendous gift,” Bill said. “Certainly we want to show her our gratitude. We plan on maintaining a relationship with her.”

Bill also thinks his unborn son has already impacted many lives.

“That kid is going to be one very special kid, because not only did he save (Giuliana’s) life, but as a result of this whole process – had we never gone through IVF, we would never have found out [about her cancer].”





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  • taylor

    Bill also thinks his unborn son has already impacted many lives.
    that the the dumbest thing I’ve heard bill say.

  • Grace

    I wish these two would just keep their mouths shut and go away. Bill what kind of nonsense are you yapping about now.

  • Elle

    I hope he didn’t actually say that. It’s horrible to talk behind someone’s back, especially when they’re carrying /your/ child. Have some respect.

  • Raybidu

    What an a**hole!

  • Ann Marie Gauthier

    The IVF wasn’t to thank for the cancer diagnosis. It was most likely the culprit given the number of cycles she has done. In all cases, best wishes to them for a healthy baby boy.

  • musiclover

    Ugh….. What a douche! When someone is helping you bring your child into the world, you should show them a little gratitude and respect! He and his wife both just need to take their baby, once he’s born, and quietly disappear into the sunset.

  • Sandra

    Do the both of these people think that they are the only ones in this world that have a surrogate give birth to a baby?? Really, I think he is an idiot by saying things like, “I’m worried about her smoking crack”. Boy, she will feel real good when she sees that in writing won’t she? We really need these two people to vanish into thin air when this baby comes and go raise your child! Go away!!

  • Kat

    These statements sound incredibly racist. Crack? Fried chicken? Is it just me?

    • Anonymous9

      Yes, it’s just you. They were examples to two things that each find unhealthy. It’s not about fried chicken, it’s about her worry that the surrogate wasn’t eating in a healthy way. It’s not about crack specifically, but about the fact that he got himself all worked up over what the surrogate was doing when they weren’t around and crack is just an extreme example of the nightmare scenario he created for himself.

      Interesting that you went straight for racism when there’s been absolutely zero indication that either the surrogate is black or this couple is even remotely racist. Says more about you than it does about them.

      • mdg

        Kat just said racist, she didn’t mention skin color. So who’s the racist?!

        • Anonymous9

          Do you seriously not understand the connection between race, skin color and racial stereotypes? I’m going to hope that you’re 7 years old and up past your bedtime. Otherwise, there’s no hope for you.

      • Kat

        So I’m the only person who knows that crack smoking and eating fried chicken are two very stereotypical and racist statements people make about African-Americans? Really, I cannot be the only one. But I like how you immediately defended them so strongly and insulted me in doing so. You do not know them. And frankly, regardless of the race of their surrogate, these ARE offensive. They are making comments like she doesn’t know how to take care of herself. And while maybe they are a joke, they often don’t come out that way. Someone could really think she is doing those things or might do them.

        • Anonymous9

          Yes, someone could actually think that she was doing these things if that someone was somebody with absolutely no ability to judge context or tone, which apparently would be you.

        • bubbles


    • Anonymous

      Yes, it’s just you.

  • arabella

    imagine the baby was born.we hear about that baby boy non-stop.

  • bubbles

    and that’s exactlythe kind of comments I would expect from people who rent themselves a womb to bake “their” baby. I think it’s disgusting. nobody should rent their bodies out for MONEY, simply because what does that teach our children and their future celebutard about human values? I’m sorry she had cancer, but so did a million of not so rich people who can’t afford to but themselves bionically engineered babies. yuck!

    • Anonymous

      Please, they used a surrogate bc she couldn’t carry the baby herself….”renting” a womb wasn’t their first choice. And do you seriously think surrogates should not be compensated in any way? Do you have any idea what kind of physical and emotional toll being a surrogate takes?

      • bubbles

        Pleeeze, really, I have seen some of the women my friend interviewed to be surrogates. $$$$$$ is all they are thinking. trust me, nobody unless it’s a family member or really good friend does it out of the goodness out of their own heart. these people are too vain to adopt domestically, meaning they would never trust me NEVER take in a special needs older maybe racially diverse child which there are plenty out there who will never know a loving home. they are byung themselves a genetically engineered baby that they can show off for the cameras and will be raised by nannies. blech and you people defending this nonsense maked me want to puke.

        • Anonymous

          When did I say that surrogates do it out of the goodness of their own hearts? Oh, that’s right, never! I said they deserve to be compensated.

          • bubbles

            please tell me why are they doing it? why would anyone in the right frame of mind take money from someone to be a human icubator? let me give you a hint…. $$$$$$. do a little research, dear, 99 percent of the time the new parents want nothing to do with the surrogate, a lot of times they are purposely chosen from out of state just to make sure there will be absolutely no contact between their child and the incubator who has carried them to term inside their body underneath theirs hearts for $$$$$. you tell mehow that is right!

    • Yikes

      Oh, gosh. You are clearly an idiot. Please go educate yourself in the subject of surrogacy, IVF and fertility. You’re an embarrassment to humans.
      “Bionically engineered babies”…seriously? I’m so worried for your future children.
      Please go back to school.

      • bubbles

        please don’t worry about me or my children. we are doing just fine. I am actually raising them with standards and ethics, hoping they will never IN EXCHANGE for ,money rent out their bodies or sell their organs to rich people who think they own the world. I have many friends who did IVF and struggled with fertility and I have told them the same thing THERE IS PLENTY OF UNWANTED CHILDREN SITTING IN FOSTER HOMES OR WAITING TO BE ADOPTED. why don’t you educate yourself and read up on how many of the children conveived through IVF or though surrogacy actually develop health problems and are plagued with ADHD and psychological issues. I for one would not want to tell my kid we paid somebody whose name we don’t remember money to bake you. that opens up the door to many other things. please really, do me a favor and read up on all the clinics they have opened up in third-world countries where women are kept like human incubators to carry surrogate babies and then back out with into the cold with minimal pay after delivering. you must live a very “sheltered” life to be able to swing mud so quickly.

        • Anonymous

          Just curious, how does one “swing mud”? Put in on a swing at the playground and push it? Sounds fun!

          • bubbles

            go try it, sounds like a good choice of hobby for you.

          • bubbles

            put IN on a swing? hypocrite much?

        • Anon

          Maybe your friends would listen to you more if you said “There are plenty” instead of “There is plenty”

          • bubbles

            that’s right, make yourself feel a little taller by avoiding the actual topic and focusing in somebody’s spelling and grammar mistakes. doesn’t change the fact that there ARE plenty of children in foster homes and there ARE plenty of families struggeling to make ends meet while these morons blow tens of thousands of dollars on medical experiments. seriously, go back in front of your telly with a pint of icecream and drool over the lifestyles of the rich and famous or get your head out of your a.. and face reality!

        • Anonymous

          Is that how you had children? You adopted one of the “UNWANTED CHILDREN SITTING IN FOSTER HOMES OR WAITING TO BE ADOPTED”?

          If not, then STFU because you are a giant hypocrit.

          • bubbles

            I don’t owe you an explanation of how and why I had children and I judging by your immature response I figure I might have hit a nerve there.
            FYI= here is a taste of your own medicine
            H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E, NOT HYPOCRIT.
            but yes, you are P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C. google it!

          • bubbles

            @anon @anonymous
            after reading the rest of your comments and I think it is quite obvious that you are one and the same and probably click on your own thumbs up, it is also painfully apparent that you are a little too “involved” and your borderline bully-like comments are very unsettleing to say the least. peace out.

    • Me

      I think you are really being offensive! Do you have children? And did you have any trouble of having them? If you did you would understand that it is a long road of heartache if things don’t go the way thay should. They have been trying for years to have a baby the ‘normal’ way, but eventually that wasn’t in the cards for them. I can relate because i’m in a similar situation and I would definitely consider using a surrogate if thats my only option left! Now I don’t know if you all know this but Breastcancer still often goes unnoticed untill its actually too late.. Before you get IVF they take a mammogram just to be sure and thats how they found out about her cancer. If she wouldnt have had the IVF they might have found the cancer way too late… so in a way it was a lifesaver… And they do not mean to offend anyone or talk down to other people with cancer… maybe all you haters should take a look at your own lives and stop judging others…

  • Anonymous9

    All he was doing was exaggerating to make the point how much they worried about everything. He didn’t really mean he was worried about whether the surrogate was a drug addict, he was poking fun at he and Giuliana for getting themselves all worked up.

    Not every comment is meant to be taken literally.

    • Anonymous

      Except, put yourself in the surrogate’s shoes. If I were carrying a baby for these people, and they thought it was funny to ponder whether I was taking crack, I’d be pissed. Can you imagine this woman’s family or friends cracking jokes about her potential drug use.

      It’s just not funny.

  • JE

    Maybe she wouldn’t be bothered by fried chicken if she actually ate something. These people are annoying.

  • Anonymous

    Would eating fried chicken a few times (or just once!) be the worst thing in the world??

  • N.S

    Wow. This woman is doing something incredibly selfless, and that is what he has to say about it?
    Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth.
    Even if she is being paid, going through not only a pregnancy for someone, but birth, and the process of handing the baby over and saying goodbye – is an incredible thing for this woman.

    I really did like Guiliana and Bill – and I respect all of their troubles they have been through – I’ve watched their series, and I liked them up until the point where they found out they were having a baby – they suddenly turned into ungreatful, superficial people who seemed to suddenly forget about what was important.

    I also thought they were on a complete power trip doing that whole “we know the sex but we won’t tell anyone” thing – then proceeded to make a massive deal out of deciding to tell everyone the sex at their baby shower.

  • Pinkett prowess

    Why do some pple take things as personal issue,he’s just making a joke..

  • Alexa

    I bet if anything is ‘different’ about the child, regardless when it occurs, they will blame the surrogate. I mean it is a big trust you have, but that happens when you produce life, regardless how it is produced.

  • Anon

    Wow, people hate these two almost as much as Rachel Zoe, huh?

    • Anonymous9

      I believe that the fact that Rachel Zoe has a happy, healthy little boy, when they really wanted him to be an emaciated crying little waif, has meant they have had to turn their attention to somebody else.

  • May

    That’s so disrespectful. So the woman agrees to carry and birth your child but you can’t trust her enough not to smoke crack? That’s borderline offensive.

  • Lynn

    The reason behind the surrogacy thing is they wanted to have a child of their own and couldn’t and this is the solution. Adopting isn’t for everyone. For instance, the only reason I want a child with my husband is because I love him and you want to be able to create something together. We can’t have kids cause he had a vasectome b4 we met. (Years b4) And now I think about what our child would look like and what a good father he would be and it makes me sad. I’m sure that’s how giuliana and bill felt. I wouldn’t adopt just to have a kid. For me its more of an expression of how much you love someone

  • Jasmine

    I am sick and tired of hearing that this baby saved her life because of the discovery of breast cancer. Are these two people that stupid that they do not realize that all the IVF probably caused the cancer. If they go back to IVF later on to try to conceive another child I do believe the cancer will come back – but somewhere else in her body. They should be happy with the one child they are having. Most likely her cancer is not gone for good.

  • Anon

    Bill had made more than one awful comment. When they first revealed that they were expecting a baby per surrogate he said that the baby was biologically all theirs. Sounding almost insulted that people would think it was not.

    I bet he never even thought about adoption when he put his wife through all those difficult cycles of IVF.

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